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Submitted: August 14, 2014

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Submitted: August 14, 2014



“Oh, c’mon, Dulcie. I daaare you to,” Aria crooned, poking the small, teenaged girl in her side. She shook her head, blond pigtails slapping against her dark neck. “I don’t know. I mean, I’m curious and all, but…” Aria put her hands on her hips, tapping her foot in frustration. Esperance stared at her two best friends. They had been getting into this argument ever since Dulcie entered her fifteenth year and grew her wings. The said wings fluttered nervously now, most likely from Aria’s ridiculous challenge. “When you go see the Barrier,” the red-head insisted, clutching her hands together. “Take off your mask-I bet that poison gas doesn’t even exist.”

“Then how come you won’t do it?”

“…It’s easier for you to. I-I haven’t grown my wings yet-I’ve got no reason to go there without anyone suspecting me.” Dulcie stared at her pretty friend. Aria-who was wicked and savvy and could do everything the other two couldn't-was daring her. When put in those terms, how could she say no? "Esperance...what do you think?" Esperance shrugged.

"It'd be kinda cool to know if there really is poison gas. Remember when my aunt had to go the Greenhouse because she didn't wear her mask when she was on Barrier duty? She kept screaming about dirty people-or something." Dulcie giggled nervously, twitching her wings.

"Well, um...I guess. But only for a minute." The thought of being put in the Greenhouse terrified her. You never come back from the Greenhouse. "So!" Aria suddenly exclaimed, clasping her hands together. "You're gonna do it, Dul?" Esperance gave her a bright smile. Dulcie finally relented, returning the grin, albeit reluctantly.


Cocoon is so gorgeous, Dulcie thought to herself as she gathered her mask from the official's tower. It surely could be considered paradise, with its lush plains of grass, cathedral-esque buildings that neatly intertwined with the nature surrounding it, and the way the sun hit the trees just right to make shafts of light dazzle onlookers. Dulcie sighed, clutching the pink and black butterfly mask in hand. She stepped down the steps of the temple, walking down the path of marble to the entrance of the Barrier. The Barrier was not a tangible thing; invisible and untouchable. The only inkling to its existence was a simple control panel that sat right out side it great wall. The Barrier kept the poison gas out, so the Barrier was sacred. Dulcie was shaking just by being so close to the entrance.

"Courage," she muttered to herself, dropping the mask. With a quick motion, she ran out the silky door, closing her eyes. She kept running for a few moments, keeping her eyes closed, until she ran into something hard. Stumbling backwards, she slowly opened her eyes. And screamed. The world around her was dark and gray. Lifeless and limp and decaying. The tree she ran into could hardly be called a tree; it was more like a mass of gray and rot. Dulcie was terrified, and started to run in a random direction. She ended up in an ally filled with garbage. She almost threw up.

“Huh?” she murmured, hearing footsteps behind her. Before she could turn around, someone grabbed her hair, throwing her down to the cobblestone ground. A young man was on top of her, holding a rusty dagger to her throat. His tangled black hair fell to his shoulders, a sharp contrast to his sky blue eyes. His skin was tanned and scarred; a tattoo proclaiming the letters "D-I-N" stretching across his chest. The most striking feature of his was the huge dusty grey feather wings hanging limply on his back.

"Friggin' Fey," he sneered, his voice scratchy and cold. "You suck us all dry, then come back to scrape up the rest?" He pressed the knife harder down on her throat, grinning as he saw silver blood trickle out of the cut.

“You’re just like us. When you die, you're just like us." Dulcie felt her brand new wings be ripped off, feathery strangers taking their place, clawing out of her back. After letting her bleed a little while more, Din grinned ruthlessly, picking her up by the back of her neck. “Curiosity kills the cat, ya little snot. You shoulda stayed all warm and cozy in your little Cocoon, or kept your mask that makes everything all nice and sparkly on.” Dulcie found that she was quite unable to breathe.

“They’re angel wings,” she murmured, and the young man whipped his head around. “Just….Just dusty. And fallen. But very, very real.” Din let out a bark of laughter, shaking his head as he left the ally. “You’re insane!” he called back as he left. Dulcie smiled to herself, bringing her legs up to her chest. “I don’t have to be scared,” she mumbled. “I’ve just fallen, is all.” The girl stared at her dismal surroundings, chuckling madly to herself. “I can see the rainbows already.”

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