"Nineteen Sixty Eight"

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This is actually a song that I wrote about the turmoil surrounding the demonstrations against the Vietnam war in the 60's.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013





We were headed for disaster,

our hearts were beating faster,

we were set for action,

everybody knew we were out of control


Braced for a collision,

there was no sane decision,

they were circling the wagons,

like fire-breathing dragons,

they let out a roar


Now it's just a distant memory,

If you want to make it clearer,

take a look in the mirror,

remembering it was 1968


the smoke was rising higher,

just like a funeral pyre,

everything was burning,

the wheels just kept on turning,

history would record it all


They came with sticks swingin',

it kept our ears aringin',

tempers were exploding,

lives were imploding,

was this the end


the dust didn't settle for almost 20 years,

if your waitin' for a medal,

keep your foot to the pedal,

remembering is was 1968


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