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A twist on the fables of Nursery Rhymes in an adult manner

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013





you got yer Jack be nimble

you got yer Jack be quick

you got yer Jack jumpin over a candle stick

he jumped so high

he almost touched the sky

you see he burnt his nads

and it made him cry


you got yer 3 little pigs

you got yer Goldilocks

you got yer big bad wolf dumber than a fox

he huffed and puffed

and took a big hit

and they all joined hands

they were smokin some shit


you got yer Little Red

you got yer 3 brown bears

sippin on soup and sittin in chairs

Red danced on the table

yeah she danced really good

the bears gave her money

to see what was under the hood


you got yer Jack and Jill

you got yer buckle my shoe

climbin that hill what they gonna do

Jack played pattycake

according to rumours

trying to get inside

of little Jill's bloomers


you got yer Little Miss Muffet

you got yer itsy bitsy spider

he made a big mistake sitting down beside her

inside her purse

she kept a can of Raid

she drenched his arse

and now he's daid


you got yer hey diddle diddle

you got yer dish and spoon

you got yer old spotted cow jumpin over the moon

there's Humpty Dumpty

and the fiddling cat

the little dog laughed

to see Jack Sprat splat


you got yer round the rosey

you got yer ba black sheep

pullin the wool over yer eyes as you sleep

diddle diddle dumplin

so what is my point

whoever wrote these riddles

musta been smokin a joint


Gomer LePoet ....

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