Back to december all the time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is based off of back to December by Taylor Swift. It's not exactly like the song but I hope you enjoy.

Celeste loves her ex Stephen so much but doesn't feel good enough for him. She comes back to her home town after a year and five months of living in Alabama and she learns of Stephen having a new girl. When she has changed since they broke up will he recognize her will they be friends?

"I'm sorry...I cant do this anymore" I said as I stood in front of my boyfriend Stephen.

"What?" Stephen asked, confused.

"Stephen I cant be with you anymore" I said, dropping twelve roses to the wet snow covered ground.

I walked away toward my green and white mustang. I know I hurt him..he just cares to much about image; and I'm far from the beautiful prom queen. He's my one and only love it will always be that way. I'm just not good enough for him. I have dull burnette hair, ugly light blue eyes, a little nose, and I'm fat. I'm not good enough for him and thats that; I'll never love again.

One year and five months later

"Hey wait up!" I yelled at my little sister as she ran full speed with my cell phone.

"No way! I'm gonna erase all the pictures of you and Stephen!" she yelled with a giggle.

"Don't you dare! You little bitch!" I screached. She pisses me off! She thinks since I'm over eighteen I cant touch her; well I beg to differ.

I tackled my sister to the ground and punched her in the face. "OW! GODHERE take IT!" she yelled, throwing my cellphone, hitting me in my face. "Don't ever touch my phone again got that?" I said, glaring at my little sister. "I hate you" she said, she got up and started walking toward the front door.

"Alli wait" I said, running to her.

"What?" Alli asked, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

"I'm sorry" I said, wiping away a tear on her cheek.

"It's okay I shouldn't have threatened your pictures like that" Alli said, also wiping away the tears from my face. "I love you Alli" I said, hugging her. "I love you too Celeste" Alli said, hugging me back.

"Lets go inside; I'm only here for six months we need sister time" I said with a smile. Alli smiled back and we headed inside.

I sat on Alli's bed and started remembering Stephen; I miss him so much. I drifted off into a flash back as I sat on Alli's bed.

"Stephen why are you with me?" I asked as I sat on the couch in his green and black room. "Because the quaterback dating a big bodie nerd is sure to take me up" It's always image image image with this jerk! Tears started to escape my eyes and I turned my head from his face. "Celeste don't cry! I didn't mean it like that! I love you trust me; if I didn't I really wouldn't be with you right now" he said turning my head so my face would meet his; he wiped the tears from my eyes and kissed me. I kissed him back and he gently made love to me.

I snapped out of the flash back and wiped the tears from my face. Remembering him always leads to tears. I heard my sister talking so I turned to her and listened; I know I just chimed in so I'll pretend like I know what she is talking about. "It's been a year and five months Celeste; you need to get out there and move on" Alli said, sitting on her bed beside me. "I cant Alli..I love Stephen and I always will" I said sadly. "But..he has a girlfriend I have met her and everything" Alli told me hurriedly. Why would she say it like that? Like I'm not hurt enough? UGH! "So what? I left the day after I broke his heart; I wouldn't even talk to him I don't blame him for moving on" I said, as I stood up from Alli's bed. "I'm going to bed" I said, I opened Alli's door and headed to my old room. I changed into my short night gown that says "Loveable" on the front. I climbed into bed and shut off my green lamp on my oak wood night stand. I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about the time I spent with Stephen.

Two weeks later

I woke up to the birds chirping; and the sunshining "It's going to be a long horrible say" I said to myself. All I think about day and night is Stephen; I miss him so much. After going downstairs and eating breakfast; I decided to go on a walk.

After twenty minutes of walking around town; I ended up at the spot that ended it all. As I stood in the very spot the old me stood; when she broke Stephens heart I started to cry. "Excuse me are you okay?" I heard a soft female voice say. I turned around and there stood Stephen; and apperently his new girlfriend. I quickly wiped away the tears "Yeah I'm totally fine; hard breakup" I didn't lie technically; it may have happened a year ago but I still didn't lie. "I'm so sorry to hear that" the girl said. I went to walk away but Stephen stopped me "Wait have we met before?" Stephen asked. I have changed a lot so of course he doesn't reconize me. I now have short blonde hair, I've slimmed up a lot, I'm taller yeah maybe my nose hasn't changed but I have changed. "Uh yeah..but it doesn't matter anymore.." I said, I was about to cry; so I quickly ran past them towards my mom's house. Why did I have to see him with his girlfriend? UGH! I'm so stupid for walking there! It's his house I was bound to run into him; at his house!

After slowly walking back home; mom wanted Alli and I to go to lunch with her. I went up to my room and changed; I changed into some short light blue jean shorts, and a mint green tank top. I ran downstairs and went to the car; after calling shotgun I jumped into the front seat.

Five minutes later we pulled up in front of "Inside out" to eat. We decided to eat at a table outside in front of the restruant. I ordered a salad while mom and Alli ordered a burger and fries. I used to eat like that but not anymore. I heard laughter so I turned to see who it was. Oh great I'm sooo lucky there they were; Stephen and his girl. Stephen noticed me and I quickly turned my head and looked at my mom.

"So Celeste how's work? AND how's Andy?" my mom asked; she thinks I'm dating Andy my bestfriend; he's gay so that's not possible. "Mom how many times do I have to tell you it's not possible?" I asked as I leaned back in the chair and crossed my arms. "Why? because you cant stop living in the past?" my mom paused and then continued not giving me a chance to speak. "You broke it off NOTHIM!" my mom yelled making me cry. "Gee thanks! How's work? I got fired; how's Andy? He's gay! And as for THAT situation I'm sooo sorry for not have a strong enough heart to MOVEON!" I screached. I jumped up and started to walk away. Stephen stepped in front of me "Celeste?" he asked "Please just leave me alone" I said, pushing past him as the tears fell harder.

I walked back to my mom's house and packed my bag. I have enough money for food and a motel. I don't need this! I should just go back to Alabama; I'm not needed here anymore.

Ten minutes later I pulled up in front of "Red dragon stay and sleep" and got out of my car. I seen a familer green truck pull into the motel parking lot and it felt like my heart stopped. Why? God are you mad at me? Three times in one day? Why is Stephen everywhere I go? Stephen got out of his four door truck and instantly locked eyes with me. Why me? He hates me so why cant he leave me alone? I quickly walked into the motel and went to the front desk. "Excuse me" I said "Yes?" the young man behind the desk asked. "How much would it be to practically live here for five months?" I asked, I laughed when his mouth dropped.

"Well um it's twenty a night so sixteen hundred for five months" he said nicely. "Damn" I said, I then remembered Andy saying to hold onto his credit card; he's a rich fuck but I love him anyways. Might as well call him; It don't hurt to ask. "Can you hold on a sec? I need to make a phone call" I said, grabbing my phone from my pocket; I then walked towards the door. I dialed Andy's number and it rang three times.

"Hello?" Andy answered with a sigh.

"Hey sexy" I said with a giggle; I put him on speaker phone.

"Hey pretty mama! Whatcha need?" he asked, I can tell he's smiling.

"Well me and mom had a fight...I" he cut me off before I could say anything else.

"Use it; BUT ya better pay me back when your famous got that?" he said with a laugh.

"Thank you babes" I said with a huge smile.

I hung up the Iphone Andy bought me before I left and walked back to the front desk. "Do you take credit cards?" I asked with a wink, handing the credit card to him. "Yes we do" he took the credit card and did something with it and handed it back to me. He gave me a room key and smiled "Please enjoy your stay" the young man said smiling bigger. "Whats your name? And how old are you?" I asked couriously. "My names Adam and I'm fourteen; i'm kinda a math nerd and dad owns this place so he makes me bout you?" he asked. "I'm almost twenty and my names Celeste" I said, matching his smile. "Do you happen to know Stephen? Cause he told me about a girl named Celeste" he said, my smile faded and I turned away and headed for my room. Oh great he hates me so much; he talks about me to a fourteen year old.

I unlocked my motel room's door and put my bag on the little round table by the bed. I laid on the bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

one month later

It's been one month and I only leave to get something to eat; I haven't seen Stephen so I'm glad he doesn't work when I leave to eat. I wont talk to my mom no matter how much she calls. I heard my phone go off and figured it was time to answer.

"Hello?" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Celeste it's wants to talk to you" Alli said hurriedly.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" I asked, couriously.

"...I'm going to hang out with Stephen and his girl..." Alli said hesidently.

"Okay put mom on" I said, rudly.

"Hello?" my mom said sadly.

"Honey..I'm sorry for how I acted I really am..can you forgive your mom?" my mom said, before I could say anything.

"I forgive you mama" I said, with a laugh.

We talked for a couple hours about old times and then hug up. I fell asleep thinking about old times; I wish I would just stop thinking about the past it hurts to much.

I woke up to a knock on the door and looked at the digital clock beside me. It's eleven at night who the heck is at my door at this time? I got up out of bed "Who's there?" I asked, "Room service" I heard a voice say. I opened the door and there he stood; Stephen really works here? DAMNIT! "I don't need anything" I said, and started to shut the door. It wouldn't close so I slammed it and heard stephen Squeal in pain. I looked at Stephen and crossed my arms "What?" I asked. "Can we talk please?" he asked putting his hands in his pockets. "Yeah sure" I said, walking futher into the room and sitting on the bed.

"I just want to know why you did what you did" Stephen said while he leaned against the wall. "Why does there always have to be a reason for something?" I asked, rolling my eyes. "Was there someone else? Did I do something wrong?" Stephen asked, I can tell he is holding back tears. Why? Why does it matter anymore? He has a girlfriend I'm not needed. "There was no one else Stephen I loved you! You cared about image..I was a fat, ugly, plain girl how could I make you happy?" I asked. "You know what? It's funny how you probably never even thought back to that december day when you hurt me!" Stephen yelled and headed for the door. "I go back to december all the time! I don't blame you if the locks on your door and your heart; All I want is to at least be your friend!" I yelled. "Goodbye Celeste" Stephen said, he then walked to the door and opened it. "I love you Stephen and I always will.." I said, I gasped and started to cry; i've lost him forever I can feel it. I felt arms slip around me so I looked up. "We can be friends Celeste Please just don't cry" Stephen said, he then kissed my cheek. "Thank you Stephen" I said, burying my face in his shirt. I missed holding him so much; I pulled away he has a girlfriend I cant do this. "We cant cant hug like this; you have a girlfriend" I said, sadly glancing away.

"I do?" Stephen asked, confused "Alli said you do" I said, raising a brow. "Celeste...Alli has a crush on me" Stephen said, running his hand through his hair. Hah that little slut she's gonna get it next time I see her. "Hah so she told me that so I wouldn't try and get you ba.." I trailed off realizing what I was saying. "I've never tried loving since I loved you you think we could try again?" Stephen asked, looking me strait in my eyes "I love you" he said not leaving my gaze. "Yes! I love you too Stephen!" I yelled. I jumped and threw my arms around his neck and kissed him; he kissed me back. We passionitally made love all night without a wink of sleep.

The sun was shining through the motel window and I look Stephen in the eyes "So you really don't work here?" I asked, I then laid my head on his bare chest and listened to his heartbeat; oh how I missed his touch. "No it was just an excuse to talk to you.." Stephen said, blushing and then kissing my forehead. "I love you Stephen" I said, and kissed him on his lips "I love you too babygirl" Stephen said, kissing me back.

Eight months later

It's been three months since I came back to college in Alabama. Stephen and I talk everyday morning and night. After I finish college here; Andy and I are moving to college, closer to Stephen, mom, and Alli. I go back to december all the time; but I'll be with him forever. So we can make new memorys in december. I'm so glad I have him back; I love him so much and now I wont ever have to go back to december again.

Submitted: April 25, 2011

© Copyright 2020 GonnaBeANovelest. All rights reserved.

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this was a great story! I loved it next time make it longer with more twists because you're an amazing writer! (: Keep up the good work

Mon, April 25th, 2011 7:24pm


Awh! thank you! that means so much to me =)

Mon, April 25th, 2011 1:08pm


Yes, this story was nice... Added twist, that Stephen doesn't have a gf.

All the best.
Keep writing.

Mon, May 30th, 2011 5:36pm


Thank you!

Sun, October 16th, 2011 9:09am

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