I love you! -Way to kill the mood, contest entry-

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Mandy has been in love with Caspian since he was six, and she was four. Now she thinks she is all grown up, being sixteen and all.

Along the line; Caspian also fell in love with her. Altough he would never try to tell her.

One night when they visit a haunted house with their friends; they get locked in one of the rooms all alone.

What will happen? Will they realize their love and get caught in the act?

--This is for your contest! I am so excited to join and I hope I win something. This is baseically working up to the kiss just for it to be interrupted you will see; again I hope you like this!

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



"GET ME OUT CASPIAN!" Mandy yelled, banging on the old rotting door.

"What am I supposed to do Mandy?" Caspian asked, a sigh escaping from his lips. "Your the man! NOT me!" Mandy yelled, crossing her arms and glaring at Caspian.

"Shuush!" Caspian hissed, put his middle finger over his lips. "What? Why?" Mandy asked, looking around the cold dark room.

Mandy jumped as she felt arms slide around her, her body shaking in fear. "Just me" Caspian said, his voice soft and gentle as he held onto Mandy. "What are you doing Casp? Is it because we are alone that you finally want to give me a chance? Or is it because Alana hasn't gave you any?" Mandy asked, tears threatning her eyes, her voice soft and shakey.

Caspian turned Mandy around, looking into her eyes. "Your parents don't like me; my parents don't like you" Caspian stated, his voice gentle as he looked into Mandy's eyes. "Why does that matter?" Mandy asked, a tear running down her cheek. "They would never approve of us" Caspian said, glancing away from her.

Mandy glared at him, she then began tapping her foot to the ground. "What are you twelve? HUH!? Be a man and grow some! Your eighteen legal to do ANYTHING you want" Mandy stated, hitting Caspian in the back of his head.

"Um ow?" Caspian said, looking at Mandy with a raised brow.

"Shut up" Mandy said, her arms crossed as she pouted.

"OW" Caspian said, his voice a little louder.

"Shut up!" Mandy yelled, putting her face in his.

"I said OW!" Caspian yelled, getting closer to her face.

"SHUT UP!" Mandy yelled, grabbing Caspian by his neck and kissing him.

"Your sooo romantic" Caspian whispered against Mandy's lips. "I love you Caspian; I cant help it" Mandy said, not taking her lips from his. "Good because I love you too" Caspian said, hugging Mandy as they kissed.

Three seconds later the door opened, and their friends stood there with big smiles on their faces. Caspian and Mandy look at eachother; there faces confused. Mandy blushed, pushing away from Caspian, he did the same.

The next day, Caspian found out that Mandy set the whole thing up, in order to get him to admit to his own feelings. Mandy also found out that; Caspian set the whole thing up also to find out her feelings.



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