Cut Outs

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Just some quick character doodles I came up with out of 4am boredom after a fire alarm took my building outside. Very rough and mostly born out of free association that tired me mashed into something almost legible.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



Guilt trip, fish guts
Redshirt, bone’s cut
Drunk rush, fools cart
Strong mind, weak heart

Bigtime brow beats
Meek wife, petty thief
Cheap psyche, thoughts fleet
Drunksick city teat

Last plea, tree waves
Humble ‘oh’ – smile slow;
Numbed hope, faucet tour
Fashion slaves act poor 

Veiled crib, faun boy 
Wildparty, rank toy
Innocence an ashtray
Tails chased, tapes play 

Feeling grand, roaring brain
Gypsy rose, staying sane 
Short plank junk fix
Water’s warm, dealer tricks 

Disengaged cig lips
Green eyes, soft hips
A swing of arms, cool stride
Birdsong, rats hide

Moonman’s ice dream
Tucked tight, stale cream
Bellyfold, root toll
Pissed jeans, fuck soul 

Waiting room, torn lace
Naked stain, dour pace
Swivelled chair, a quiet peek 
Lost cause, born freak

Unfed, pride passed
Glut joy, thick cast
Frantic pace, hero’s dead?
Twitch thrill, slick bed

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