Headed For The Frisco Bay

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Wrote this along with "Its Touch". This one is reflects me in a way and how boring Ohio farm life is, and how sometimes you really do wish to go stray, and get away from this boring old place.

I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I'll probably keep up writing short little poems and stories but as for coninueing my novels, you're better off waiting for an update. Sorry, it depresses me :(.

Submitted: January 27, 2009

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Submitted: January 27, 2009



Headed For The Frisco Bay

I'm tired of the corn fields,
the snow,
the windy nights and ho-hum sights.
I want something riveting,
I want something impressive!
I don't mean to sound obsessive,
I just want something alittle less depressive!
These are some reasons I've decided to go stray,
I'm headed for the 'Frisco Bay!

I want sunny shores not wearing chores.
I dream not of old freinds,
I've no ambition to start a career,
Traveling without money
Is not something I fear!
Is it such a deal? I want out, I need out!
There's no doubt,
I've decided to go stray,
I'm headed for that 'Frisco Bay!

I'll go without money, diamonds, or gas!
Whether I bring some freinds, that all depends!
I'll go there from here with nothing but hope,
many will call me dope.
I care not of needs, not of feeds,
I long for peace, I long for beach,
It's of this I shall preach!
With or without you,
I've gone stray,
I'm headed for the precious 'Frisco Bay!

So here I go, one foot left, one foot right.
on passes day and on sleeps night.
Troubles have come and troubles have gone,
yet I can just taste that tropical prawn!
With a thumb in air and bag over shoulder I'll roam,
getting further and further from what was home.
I can feel it,
I can sense it,
I'm close now, I'm very close
inside of me my happiness grows!
I've no regret for my stray,
I'm now so close to my 'Frisco Bay!

Upon arrival, from here I've paid,
Not with cash not with coins,
but from pain of an undisirable grade.
The beach is cold,
the people old.
The buildings bold the weather silked with mold,
I can't believe my eyes,
I must have been told lies!
This can't be that wishful place of 'Frisco Bay!
Is it truly here that I've wished to stray?

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