The '60's Challenge

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You should do this challenge! I mean, when are you ever offered the chance at a competition based around the wonderful and intense time period of the sixties? This is for everyone, give it a try! Yes, right now!

Few know of the importance of this decade, and even fewer experienced the true energy of it. It's its own sort, nothing matches up with this decade and nothing has ever or will ever compare to it. It's one of the most hardest times to fathom and it's one of the most important to acknowledge.

To sum it up, if you're going to write about a specific time period, one of the toughest to choose would indeed be the '60s, however, the possibilities it brings are endless. This is a challenge dedicated to the time period full of twisted hippis, powerful intoxicating drugs, supreme crime organizations, cliche' childhood memories, classic and immortal music, groovy clothing, hip TV shows, muscle cars, and the change in American society that had once been called the American Dream.


It's very simple. You write a story taking place in the '60s. There is no other bounderies besides that and the fact it has to be relitive to that time period, I don't want one of your characters using a blackberry in the middle of the Acid Wave in '65. For most of you this might take alittle bit of research and for others it might just come naturally, and for the rare bunch, it could be based off experience.


I'm giving you tons of freedom with this topic, and sense it deals with a time period only about 50 years away from our own, it shouldn't be very dificult. You can choose any style of writing from poetry to a full novel, any way you look at it this entire challenge is not favorite based, I'm not going to judge you based on anything besides originality. I want something from YOU. When you write this challange use nothing but you and your experiences. I don't want to read another damn Twilight story except that this time it takes place in the sixties! No! Now, it can consist of vampires, don't cross that off your list! Just please, make it original.


Aside from what you already know you'll need to pick a number between 1-50. This number determines a single object that can range from a bottle of budwieser to the skull of a 65 million year old dinosaur. Once you have posted your number you'll simply just be commented your object. As for using it, it can be mentioned in a sentence or can be the total focus of your entire story, it dosn't matter. As for not using it, you will be disqualified, it's only fair, since it is part of the rules...


First, I've already mentioned I want it to be original, just write from the heart and you'll be fine. Second, you'll have needed to use the object. Third, I want something imaginatavely spectacular, even if you can't write a single simple sentence without a grammatical error, or if you're 5 years old, you can still win this challenge, it's all about the things you pour into your page, make it something true to yourself. Finally, comes the winners. There will be a top five in this challenge, with the number one place holder earning a spot on my profile "Page of Fame" that I have, including a picture and quote relating to them or thier story. On top of that, I hope you all will have fun writing about this time period.

The due date will be available to you all once we have five contestants!!!

The '60s Challenge

Submitted: June 02, 2009

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Hmm, I'll try this challenge out:)
Seems like fun
and I choose number 26!

Tue, June 2nd, 2009 2:46pm


Awesome, you're object is an acoustic guitar, everything else comes from you! Good luck!

Tue, June 2nd, 2009 8:58am


wow this sounds sooo good im sooo excited!!!
could u comment my page with what object i am please cuz otherwise ill probably forget lmao
uhmm number 16? my lucky number lol
im really excited!!!!!.x

Tue, June 2nd, 2009 5:22pm


Awesome! I'll post your object on your page and then you can get started! Good luck.

Tue, June 2nd, 2009 10:27am

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