The Tome of the Serpentine Rune

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Harvey is only two months away from turning eighteen and decides to throw an early birthday party when his parents go out of town for the weekend. Everything starts out fine, the girl of dreams is there and everyone is having fun. It does, however, quickly turn disasterous. Everyone is now drunk and he's faced with not only the problem of cleaning up, but dealing with his family secret... The secret that he's a future witch.

Submitted: March 23, 2009

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Submitted: March 23, 2009



The Tome of the Serpentine Rune

I could just barely hear the knocking on the door because the music was up so loud. I can't even believe the old stained glass windows throughout my house haven't already shattered. I ran to the door quickly and opened it, my heart sank when I saw who was at the door...

"Harvey!" Jesse yelled my name, only inches from my face. He gripped with both of his chubby arms a 24 pack of Bud-Light. Slapped on his face was a beastly smile, stretching from one dinky ear to the other. "I've brought more beer buddy, you can't tell me we're not running low..."

I stood there for a moment to actually try and guess where he might of gotten it from but I soon realized he probably went dumpster diving or asked some hobo with a scarf and a rusted shopping kart to purchase it for him. "You know I'm not taking that... We've got enough already! Look at this place, everyone's hammered..." I said this seriously, anger was my tool. I felt the pressure ease up my stomach as the words passed through my lips. What have I gotten myself into?

"Ease up man, you know your parents are gone for good, now let me in so the party can begin!" He started to creep forward but I just pushed him back, a hand on the box of beer. He just sighed and rolled his eyes. Then I heard something sweet, something as luscious as a hot fudge sundae. It entered my ears with pleasing ingression.

"Is that beer I see?!" Jasmine, the girl I thought could only exist in dreams, approached from behind, her delicate hand on my shoulder. "Well bring it on in! It's party time!" Jasmine, though sweet and innocent looking, obviously had a party side.... Amazing I know.

Jesse started to retort, "Well, Harvey here doesn't wa-" I cut him off quickly. "Doesn't want the beer to get cold, Jesse, get in here and get that to a freezer man, come on!" I laughed and pulled him in. I slammed the door and winked at Jasmine. She just smiled and walked back into the party. I sighed and put my hand up to my face... I'm going to regret this...

I turned back around and got the full gist of what was really taking place in my dear home - my dear parents home.... In the living room there sat a large oak table, three girls danced upon it, alcohol steamed from their breaths; even though I couldn't see it, I could almost hear it pulsing through their veins. On the couches sat couples making out; what was once a beer in their hand soon became a beer tipped over and spilling onto the furniture, leaking into puddles on the ground. A group of kids to the left, some of which I didn't know, were desperately trying to light a cigarette. In the kitchen, which I had a descent view of, stood a long row of shot glasses, each probably filled with my father's expensive liquor. Four teens, two girls and two boys, all took their shot, and then quickly took a puff from a cigar. Out of nowhere scrambled a drunken guy I knew by the name of Gerry, he was carrying around a lamp and using it as a guitar, drool seeped from his lifeless mouth. I could just feel the sweat ripple down my face, each one filled with the stress that I'm ruined - ruined, and with only two months until my eighteenth birthday... What was I thinking when I called all of these punks up!

I found a seat in a room just around the corner of the living room. I layed my head back and tried to calm down, desperately tried to hide the agonizing mixture of regret and anger. But like before, a nectarous voice entered my ears, like it was sound waves honey coated in a wonderful fix that drove me nuts! "Don't tell me you're party pooping already..." Jasmine walked from the entrance of the small room. She came up behind me and started to message my shoulders. "You're parents have that huge hall room you told me about right? You were supposed to show me, remember!" She pulled me up from the seat, and I walked up the stairs to the hall room, I felt so tired and helpless, I might as well keep one promise since I didn't keep the one about not inviting over half the school.

When we reached it she pushed me all the way to the fireplace. She began kissing my neck ferociously, I kind of liked it, but my feet didn't. I tripped on the small carpet that I managed to pull up just enough for it to snag my shoe. I fell backwards into the fire pit. The splash of ash that consumed my vision was overwhelming, I couldn't even breath. I heard Jasmine scream and then she gasped in horror. Her bright blue dress had been stained black, covered in ash. My face and hands and neck and everything was covered. I felt like I had went swimming in an ash coated river subject to the explosion of a nearby volcano. "Oh... My... God! My dress! Wow, Harvey... Awesome party..." Yeah, I could sense the sarcasm, and I chuckled alittle bit as she stomped out of the room. Nothing was going to go right tonight. Nothing.

Even though she was the main reason I had thrown this damn party I realized my stress didn't all revolve around her. My headache forced me into a paralysis of unending stress. I sat motionless, I couldn't move - it wasn't that I didn't want to, but I literally couldn't... I was stressed completely out, my head was throbbing, my lungs felt like they were filled with pus, and finally my feet felt like pudding, unable to even shudder in anger. I wiped my face with my black hands in agony. I could almost feel each pore fill, making me feel disgusted....

I was sitting on something, it felt hard, like a rock. I first guessed it to be a log, charred to a hellish black, but it wasn't, it wasn't anything of the sort. I pulled it out and then blew as much ash from it as I could. It was a tome. A huge, massive book, one so big you would think it would take generations of people to read it. It's cover consisted of a huge snake like mouth, it's two front talons lunged out of the tomes face, it was eerie to even look at, let alone to hold.Out of curiosity I opened it, inside was some of the strangest things I've ever witnessed. It was organized much like a dictionary, going in alphabetical order. I read one that said the fallowing:

Rune Of Calmness

Ingredients: 2 slices of bread, peanut butter, and jelly.

Directions: Gently fold on the peanut butter to one slice of bread and cautiously dab on the jelly to the other. Next, put the two slices together and press. Then with a low tone enchant with Rune Passage.

Effects of Rune Passage: To tame a child of not only his or her hunger but of his or her aggressive fits.

Rune Passage: Ah Uhm Fal Bur Ral Eth

I remember hearing those words. I remember my mother saying that before she fed me those delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And most importantly I remember the intense soothing feeling I got after I took the first bite, it overwhelmed me, I felt like just laying down and taking a nap... This distant memory exploded with life, reserected by the Rune Passage that I was so familar with. It was so strange, what was this book? Why had she "enchanted" my peanut butter and jelly sandwicches? It was so interesting, yet, at the same time, was so strange. I chuckled for a second and then was soothed with the grand feeling of being electricuted with a enjoyable childhood memory.

Then it happened. Out of the corner of my right eye a burning red light caught my attention. Then two. Then I realized they were eyes. Two savagely bright eyes were staring at me, and then they began to move widely as if in a panic, and just like that they disappeared. "Hey! I saw you!" My heart was thumping like the beat of a drum in the middle of an ancient Indian ritual. "Come out!" This false aggressiveness to hide my fear wouldn't last long. I starred into the dark abyss, my eyes gleaming and my face as black as coal. And then it stepped out from the darkness.

Light through a crack in the door gave a first glance of what actually stood before me. It was small, no bigger than a foot tall. It looked extremely quick and was very skinny. Both it's feet and hands were smooth black except for the glare off the rigid fingernails, which appeared to be long and sharp, sending a chill up my spine. It looked kind of hunched over, but I'm not sure if I was due to the angle. It's face was mostly covered by the large pair of Aviator sunglasses it wore, my reflection beamed at me, and I saw for a moment just how scared I actually was. It's mouth was exceptionally large, it looked as though it was constantly smiling. It's thick black skin didn't even let off the smallest glare, and if It hadn't of stepped in the light, it would be completely invisible. As I starred numbly at this creature it then ran up to the large tome I had beside me. Startled, I jumped.

"No, no, no! It can't be, it mustn't be! Hear my plea!" It's voice was extremely squeaky, it almost seemed as though your ear couldn't catch it's voice, like it slipped in and out of your attention. It shut the book, ashes sprayed outward and it coughed; wheezed, and then sneezed a horrible rumbling sneeze that slung it backwards. As it lay there it began chanting what seemed to be in an angry tone. "Why me? Can't anything just go right?! All I was told to do was stay out of sight!" It stood back up and then looked at me. "Forgive me, allow me to explain this blur, but I sir, am a Cur!" I just looked dumbly at the small black creature, stunned it was actually talking to me. It put it's hand on it's forehead and then plopped down onto the floor and sat cross-legged. "Forgive, forgive, it's true what you see, however, do not flee." It cracked its knuckles and continued. "I, sir, am your Cur, I watch you, I evaluate you, and of us there is a crew... For you are a soon to be witch, we must know if you're honorable of which... We cannot allow an un honorable or immature witch, it just wouldn't hitch... Do you see now? My job is to watch over you and its your behavior I must measure, all this for your witchery treasure." It shrugged. "That tome there, yes that one, behind you. It's contents do not lie, what you read was true... Don't be frightened, however, your choice of actions tonight, might have put your future abilities out of sight!"

"Future abilities out of sight? I'm going to be a witch!?" I laughed strangely, it sounded forcefully.

"Yes, Yes! Don't you understand yet! You my friend, were destined to be a warlock! If my crew knew of what I've told you, they'd be here in a flock! You, as a witch are given the powers to influence people and their emotions! and without even the use potions! I do hate this little nose of mine, these aviators here keep slipping off, but it's fine...." It then darted off into the black abyss so fast I didn't even recognize that it had left. I did however realize alittle bit of what it said, and apparently it knew of this party I threw. I had to get everyone to leave. I darted down stairs and seen how much worst it had gotten. People were drunk and stumbling, girls were babbling on about how good they felt, and people were chugging cans and cans of beer in the kitchen. I screamed at the top of my lungs. "GET OUT!" Everyone looked at me and I continued to yell. "Out! Seriously, party is over, every ones out and I don't care if you can't drive, you're walking!" To my surprise they began to exit, one by one the drunkard teenagers left into the night.

I tried desperately to clean. I cleaned the kitchen, the living room, the hallways, the ball ways and even the stall ways. I had worked up a mighty sweat and every now and then I would see one of those Curs, a piece of small paper in it's hands, evaluating me. It wasn't enough. Even though I cleaned and cleaned, the noise of a key entering the front door lock couldn't be ignored. My parents have arrived. The house, though cleaner than it was before, was hopeless, it was apparent I had thrown my party... I braced for the pending punishments.

"What is this?" My fathers raspy voice seemed unreal. "Oh my god, Harvey... Are you serious?!" My mother chimed in. I stood, in complete exhaustion and hopelessness, I wasn't going to argue, I was drained and ready to be grounded so I could sleep. "I cannot believe you could - how could you do this? You promised you - I thought we could trust you Harvey!" My mother stumbled around with her words, but her anger was clear and it appeared to show on her face as it turned green. Yes, you heard me right, her face began turning green! "Honey... you're turning green." My father said, almost about to laugh, or as it seemed. She looked at me and then finally said, "Well I guess we might as well tell him." My father shook his head and then began. "Son, you're going to be a-" I interrupted. "A witch?" He looked at me confused. "Yeah, how did you know?" I looked around and shrugged. "A.... Cur told me..."

My father looked around and sighed, "I knew we couldn't trust those little rascals to watch over you..." He looked alittle angry himself but he had a way of hiding his true emotions. "Son, we think they might fail you, and so close too, just two months before your birthday, you should be ashamed." I looked down at the ground and then from my right, upon the kitchen counter, appeared a Cur, holding a little miniature scroll and wearing huge thick aviators. "Erhm... Allow me to say that your son has indeed come to a fail, but we may offer some type of bail... Since he had tried to reverse his actions, it has changed our reactions... We've decided your son will get his powers on one condition, ruled by our admission... He must..." The Cur looked around nervously. "He must be bitten by a Beelzebub snake!" I heard my mom gasp and then my father, outraged, screamed at me. "Damnit Harvey... Couldn't you have just behaved for two more months!"

I stood confused and all of the sudden extremely fearful. "Wait, what in the hell is a Beelzebub snake?" A Cur, from my feet, in a somewhat deep voice answered my question. "A Beelzebub is the most painful bite that ever ruled the night!" I turned to my mother and father. "You can't be serious!" They shook their heads and then I heard a thud from behind me. A brownish Cur had with it a small ancient appearing box. It carefully opened it. With a slyness that sent shivers of fear up my spine it uncurled itself onto the kitchen counter. It was a pitch black snake, so slick and gleaming from the several kitchen lights that lay above it. Down it's back lay a single straight red line, a kind of red that attracted the eye, making me feel paralyzed.

"Stick out your hand kid..." A deep voiced, fat Cur said. "It'll only hurt for a second!" I bit my lip and put my arm on the table. "It'll bite your wrist, hopefully it doesn't give a little twist!" And like a lightning strike from a hidden cloud it lunged at my arm, striking my wrist. Pain went up my arm and into my heart. I blacked out immediately......

2 Months Later

I awoken from a slumber that felt better than any past one I've ever experienced, they did say the day you become a witch is the best of your life. Perhaps that's why. I stretched, my arms lighting up from the stream of beams bursting into my room from the Sunday morning sun. I truly felt like a new man. I pulled the covers off of me and stood up. Once again I stretched and then glanced at the clock, it read 11:11 A.M. I grabbed my cell phone and sat back down on the bed. Well, lets give it a try. I thought to myself as I dialed Jasmine's cell phone number.

The ringing pulsated three times before her lovely voice pierced my ear, I had to pause for a second, clear my throat, and then I began..

"Jasmine, is that you?" I bit my lip softly, the anticipation was horrible, my heart raced overdue by a thousand million beats. Her voice answered in my request. "Yes, Harvey? Is that you?" I took a deep breath and went all out. "It's me Harvey, and you love me." Silence, of the awkward kind. Her voice sounded so different, so confused, I felt my heart somehow begin to beat faster. "Harvey... What are you talking about?" I sighed alittle bit. It was my eighteenth birthday, why wasn't it working? I gave it one last shot, one last chance, if it wouldn't work now, she'd tell all her friends and I'd have the rep as the lonely freak who sounds obsessively desperate. "Jasmine, you love me, you adore me, you think everything about me is completely and utterly perfect. I'm like a god to you!" I said it loud and then was enveloped in complete silence once again. "Harvey, you're starting to scare me alittle bit, are you oka-" She dropped out of her sentence as though she transferred from personalities - as though she turned into a different person. "Harvey? Oh my god, hello? Is this you Harvey?!" She sounded overly joyed to know it was me, it had worked!

"It's me Jasmine, how are you today?" She breathed deep and laughed shyly. "I'm doing - well I'm doing great now, so good for you to, uhm, call me! Happy birthday! I almost forgot, oh my god, I'm sorry - please forgive me!" She began to breath deeply, she was obsessed with me! I replied, a smirk lay crooked on my green face... "Yep, I turned eighteen today."

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