Just one of those love poems. ^^ About a girl dreaming and dancing and a man comes to save her. Love is weird sometimes so here it is. ^^

Dancer, Dancing in to my life By Christopher Bobby Barboza

Dancer that dancers from night and day just so she will never wake, Lost with out her love and in a deep state of mind, she losing the time she once had in her hands, Becoming a little girl again to that music that use to play just for her to relive those days.

Dancer Is now dancing pass me, my heart starts to races maybe I could be the new dancer to take that guys place. So beautiful and fast could I be her man? Dancer looks pass me, couldn't you see me or is it you’re dreaming of me? Dancer I will be the one to wake you.

She’s now dancing a cross a streets with her eyes close, to she keeps dancing to relive her childhood days, but there’s no long a need for her to run away, because I’m here to carry her away.

I run to save her, My dare dancer don't dare die, I will have you in my arms tonight. She starts to open her eyes as I hold her tight, tears were coming down her face not knowing she wasn't awake. She looks in my eyes, then gives me that soft kiss that we both have been dreaming of

Night and day will stop as we are lock in the lips, forever dreaming this kiss.

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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