Some stuff that happen in my life. It has one or two bad words and talks about some bad stuff so kids ask your dad or mom to let you read. ^^

Give Me a Voice! By Christopher Bobby Barboza

I try to speak just, for you to tell me to shut and sit down. I try and fight back, for you to slap me down to the ground.

You tell me in church, not to move and not to laugh, Then you pull my hair and tell me in my ear to be in fear.

I try to make sense, you end up calling me retarded it.

I try to be honest, you call me a liar.

I try my hardest, you call me lazy.

I try to show you I care, just for you to leave me in tears.

I try to be different but, you just tell me I‘m a good for nothing like my father.

I try to be good at the store then, you call me a little monster.

I go to school on time, the teacher tells me I’m late.

I try to act cold so nobody knows, but you see me in my light and catch me as I’m so bright. I try to be friends but, instead you all beat me. I try to tell you teacher, that they all took action against me but, you believe them, for they are many more then me.

I go home, brother why do you hit me? Sister why do you hate me? Mother and father why don’t you listen to me? God why do you just watch me and won’t help me?!

How could I be, if I can’t even speak?! Way do I feel alone?! Why is it that my blood is ice cold?!

Give me a voice! Let me speak! Let me be free! So stop hitting me!

I will not let you fuckers have your way, I will not obey for, I will build my way, with the metal, that will be played, For I will rock out this way!

I will find my voice in poetry and my mouth will stay shut, one day I will speak and they will all know, who were the fools and who had a heart of gold. I will keep going free, to the day the sun explodes and I’m riding the fire’s, between the lights of heaven and hell!

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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