Love is Just are Dream

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Well its not bad its a love poem but it talks about someone wanting to die so not sure if this is bad for smart children.

Made this for a girl that I thought was the one but, she took out my heart and walk all over it. ^^

Well anyways read the poem. ^^

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



Love is Just are Dream By Christopher Bobby Barboza

Following a dream, like we are here, Just for each other, just for us to sing. Not losing hope, but not getting far, we stay happy just where we are.

But all along we are near, are hearts are here. Yet we are so far, love is here for each others arms.

We close are eyes at night together, we feel as if we are in paradise forever. Dreaming in our sweet dreams, but so sad as dream don’t last. To bad we wake up the way we do, feeling so cold and blue.

I will wait out this life for you, no matter how I may look to you. No matter if I’m being a fool, I wish to be with you.

Every if I know you in heaven I will be there soon, just for you. No matter if I’m being a fool, I’ll do this just for you.

No matter how people may see me, as I’m waiting to die for you. I see my life turning all around, Looking back to see what are life’s were, on the ground. As my body feel’s lighter and lighter, I close my eye’s, just for me to open them for the first time.

There you are, so happy in the sun. We are dead where we are, no longer so far. Together in Paradise, No longer in pain.

we are happy where we are, just so happy to be in your arms, Just to feel you in this way. I love you no matter what we are, Forever living in our dreams, for us to sing, living up in the stars.

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