earth in love with the moon

Moon won’t you stay Won’t you stay with me Stay with me tonight Moon why are you always going away Is it because your hiding something Every year we get farther apart It hurts my heart That you start to act the part Maybe you’re just afraid Of being turn away No need to be like that For you know You can always orbit around me I won’t let you go I need you here To keep me up to speed With out you I would be getting cold So please don’t go Moon won’t you stay Won’t you stay And say you’ll be around me tonight Is it that you think less of you’re self Is that the reason why You’re hiding half you’re face You got nothing to be a shamed about I knew along you were not really round So its cool with me Just stick around Show you’re self fully bloom To you light as a new moon Moon you know the way It does got to be today But soon you’ll see That you’ll be the one missing me if you go away Moon you look lost everyday Is it that you have so many names and Identity What Harvest moon are you this month What color will you be for so many eyes to see Moon you try to hide those tears But I see you for what you really are So have no fear and dry those tears No need to cover you’re self in a eclipse For I see what’s real Moon you’re one with stars and equally as beautiful So stay with me and you’ll see That I’m the real thing I’m the one you been looking for along And I’ll be nothing when you’re gone

Submitted: September 09, 2010

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