The Tree with Wings.

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My life and my dreams in to one odd poem. ^^

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



The Tree with Wings. By Christopher Bobby Barboza

I’m sad and alone with in this desert of madness. Not sure where to go with out a heart, So I stand with no face and my body apart. So I lay down, Feels as I’m never going to find out. Am I whole? Maybe its best for me not to know, I can’t seem to feel like myself. With no where else to go I turn to the shadow’s away from the light.

So I sit under this tree just so I’m able to try and breath. To my surprise as I looked up, The leafs were feathers and the branch’s were wings. To beautiful for my eyes to see, I feel as it was calling out to me. As the tree bare its fruit a child starts to appear from the air, The blue silk feathers start dancing down just to try and hold on to this falling child, A child that keeps falling in his dreams afraid to open his eyes to me. For this world is to heavy for this child to carry, So I take hold of this child and hold this child like my own. Climbing this tree with the child on my back, Higher and higher I climb. To I start to see a crack in the wall of the red sky, Where the roots of the tree start from its seed.

I climb in to the sky, to see a mother with crying eyes, For she has drop her child, the one I been looking after. As her and the child embrace each other; I feel in my body that the tree is growing. I look down and the tree is flying, Its breaking apart as if it was dieing. I jump on to it just to reclaim my being, As we fly higher and higher I see my dreams, I reach out my hand to grasp on to one.

As I grasp my dream I start to feel as the tree is singing and my heart is beating. I start to take hold of my face and my body, becoming whole once more. Then I open my eyes to my mind that I been chain to for so much time. I see the mother and the child looking down on me with a slime that feels me so deeply. As I look at them I see that child free and happy with the mother playing in clouds. The tree starts to break up and becomes many birds that spread out and search for life. For every where those birds pass life grows with in those desert lands. I start to fall so fast I close my eyes and start to pray. I hit the ground just to awake to a land full of green and blue. No longer sad or alone. My heart starts to grow. I feel as my body is part of the land. The madness is gone and I feel for once that I belong.

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