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my essay for English, i wish Barack Obama, can see my essay.

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013




During 1950s and 60s, people thought there was equality or at least white people did. You see injustice was happening, the people being color or of a different race, or culture were being mistreated and there was no equality for them.
Having no equal wages for jobs, not having the right to vote, sometimes not getting to married the people they wanted to marry, even having to give up a simple bus seat in the front row or having to go to a different school, because they weren’t white. 
This injustice was going on in silence. Till one day, a women name Rosa Parks stood up to the unfairness that was going on. So instead of getting up from a bus seat, she said “No”. This simple thing started a  boycott for buses and soon cause a whole nation to stand up to the injustice and  start talking about the wrong and the unfairness of what they have to go through on a daily basis. 
Dr. Martin Luther King did exactly that giving a voice to people who had no voice. Standing up and giving speeches about peace, and love and standing side by side as one nation with freedom and equality. Just as the men of America had attended with the “The Direction of Independence” The right to pursue happiness, life, and liberty. Sadly the men who made America forgot to mention, the rights of slaves, women, and many other people. But Dr. Martin Luther King made sure to mention everyone, no matter what race, or what religion or what gender, saying we all should have the right to pursue happiness and to have life and liberty to be treated all equal like the American dream. Dr. Martin Luther King died for his fight for equality. But in the end his dream for us being one nation and standing side by side has come true. 
But sadly in 2012, after all the changes as a nation we went thought, for me and many other Americans (like me) there is still no Equality, just because I want to get married to a man. My dream, just like Martin Luther King dream and The American dream is to have the right and liberty to marry who ever I want to marry. My dream is that they legalize gay marriage.  I feel like, we aren’t free, I’m not free. How is this freedom if they say I cant marry a man? Where is this “Equality”. People say “they accept gay people“ but then why don’t we have the right to get marry, Like other people have the right. I mean how do we tell teens its okay to be gay/lesbian, but then say but its just not right for them to get marry? What is so taboo about people wanting to get marry because there in love and they just happened to be the same sex. But then even back then  this kind of stuff happened there was law saying “A black couldn’t merry a white”. Now people are saying back then that law was wrong and it was stupid to think people couldn’t get married because there were both a different culture or race. I wonder when people are going to see how this same law of no same sex marriage is wrong. 
Luckily we have a president name Barack Obama who is  fighting for these rights. Barack Obama to me is my Martin Luther King, speaking for rights of many Americans who still don’t have equality.
So for now I must wait for my “ American dream” to come true. 

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