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Unusual swearing in this one.

Submitted: June 07, 2019

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Submitted: June 07, 2019



I can’t get any sleep, that much is clear, but with these demons on my back all I do is fear, every nap I take, every time I close my eyes, the demons look at me with those evil fucking eyes,


Depression, can’t get enough of that, I’m not the reason I’m depressed so I blame other people, not taking it into account that this is a sickness, I’m tired, rhyming is harder, writing getting harder I can’t focus, I can’t sleep slowly getting better, but that’s not good enough, I need it to go faster, but every pill I take is a disaster, stronger they say, better they say, “Depression is you just feeling sorry for yourself” they say, uneducated twits, in my mind a blitz forming, Anxiety getting into squad formation.


Anxiety, coming at me when I’m social as well as alone, pushing me down every day, making me sad I think I’m fading away, unmotivated every day, uninspired every day, I can get through this the pain will soon fade away, an unlikely event, I’ll just close my eyes and hope to wake up peacefully.


Took me minutes to spat this out, a problem with my writing, burning to my chest once again, angry I couldn’t come up with any other rhymes, my brain is hurting just by thinking, this illness is the problem, it can’t be taken away, I thrive for change but don’t actually change anything, my vision hurts, my face hurts, my feelings hurt, intense suffering from someone who must’ve done something wrong in the past, manipulating master, addicted actor, everything I do isn’t  right, I feel worthless, I feel it’s all pointless, I’ll just end on a typical lyric we do, I can’t stop watching fucking Youtube.



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