goodnight, luv. - short poem

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a bit graphic, considering it's a poem about suicide.

Submitted: April 11, 2019

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Submitted: April 11, 2019



They were classmates at sixteen, they thought they loved each other, but as time flew by he found another, it’s not like he hated her, she was just so plain to him,

He was a crude person, but she was in love with him, she didn’t want to lose her only love, she begged and pleaded inside, but he was a tricky dove, he had to tell her how he really felt, but it had to happen, all he felt was guilt; weeks flew by feeling like months, it was time to tell her, he was of course resistant, but he had already moved on, he texted her telling her he wanted to talk, she was a naivebird, loving all, no judgment heard from her, she was previously depressed, self-doubt & anxiety, pounding down her chest, he knew this would hit her pretty hard, knowing he was the reason she survived. He invited her to his mother’s house to talk, what came next, hit her like a cinderblock. He had told her he thought they needed to drift apart,

And that he had been seeing another love, he thought this second girl was the one. Her voiced cracked telling him she thought the same way, he knew she was lying to him, he shrugged it off ignoring her pain, this girl was having a panic attack in front of his face, again he shrugged it off, he practically kicked her out of his nest. None of this was fair, she didn’t deserve this pain, she didn’t deserve to die in this place, she walked home with this pale face, she knew it was all over, there was no point in trying, Dear king, I’m dying - her life was a bathtub not able to be drained, suicide wasn’t the only option, she knew this, but everything she thought and dreamed had faded away in a single snap, entering her room, walking past her cat, knowing her body would be found by the rat. She walked past her parent's room, not letting a single tear leak out. She locked her door, not crying one bit, she knew heartbreak was to happen eventually deep inside, this rope was used for her last suicide, she kept it as a trophy and the parents went along with it, as long as it helped her out, and it really will. She didn’t have any goodbye notes in mind, so she simply wrote this in, “Goodnight” she went to sleep that night, her parent’s found her fifteen minutes later, they pulled her down, she was already gone, they called an ambulance telling them she was alive, who were they kidding? They knew she was dead, Dear king, she’s died again. Her pain has not disappeared, it has moved onto others, they’re life will begin colder. As for the boy who caused this infection of sadness, he was told by her mother, “Hello, my young boy, I was aware you dated my baby, she had passed last night, I’m sorry.” after hearing this he had understood what he’s done. He remembered shrugging off her pain, it was nothing to him, and everything to her, his heart was being squeezed by the inside, when he thought this, he realized… he was having a heart attack of the sort, pain coming up from all joints, nauseous slapping him to the floor, saliva dripping from his mouth, he fell into a deep sleep, waking up in the nothingness, “Where was I?” I thought, he fell to his knees crying out, “Please don’t kill me now.” it was over for him, the mother knew this, the ambulance couldn’t come in time and he died, he is now in the afterlife.


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