The Dark Veil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

This little story is about a teenager named Denny.

Ever since he was a kid he has strayed away from any contact with the outside world because he can easily make worlds for himself with books.

The real story is that ever since a baby he has not been able to see peoples faces, just a shroud of darkness where their heads should be. He feigns like he knows his parents or family. Untill one day his friend, if her should be called, leaves the world telling him one message. "You will cause the end."

Weeks later returning to the spot of the death, the school's roof, he sees something in the corner of his eye. It might just be the savior he was looking for.

Find out more in The Dark Veil.

Table of Contents

October 10

Denny is a young man that is slowly falling apart. He can only tell people apart by their mannerisms and voices. The only things that are keeping him together are his books and his art. He feels happy with this life but also saddened by it, it encapsulates him. Slowly but surely. Read Chapter

October 17

October 17 The last person I connected with was my friend Nathan; he was a normal looking guy; yellow hair, blue eyes, average height... Read Chapter

October 18

October 18 As I had told Nathan yesterday, I was here, a little light headed but present and well enough to stay focused besides the ... Read Chapter

October 19

October 19 My knees started to feel weak as the expanse of stone and metal before me that had once was brought a calm relaxing read... Read Chapter

October 22

October 22 The news reporters kept on repeating the same lines over and over like a CD with significant scratches on its shiny unders... Read Chapter

October 24

October 24 My eyes shot open as I heaved myself forward gasping for air, any and all of it. My mind immediately drove up a red flag a... Read Chapter

October 25

October 25 She immediately went silent, almost painfully so. I didn’t want to make her feel sad or feel pity towards me but just th... Read Chapter

October 25.5

October 25.5 Kyoko’s POV Umm.. Hello, I am Kyoko. Wait, is anyone actually going to be reading this diary thing? Well it does... Read Chapter

October 26

October 26 As I started to wake up in a daze from a sleep without a dream, I felt unsatisfied. As if by the ritual I used to do every... Read Chapter

October 27

October 27 “Denny, let it chase you and try to keep it on its toes, I’ll give it a run around in the meantime. Are you ready team... Read Chapter

October 28

October 28 I snapped quickly out of my current state as if waking from a nightmare, how long was I out? I guess that it wasn’t long... Read Chapter

October 29

October 29 I woke up in a cold sweat for some weird reason; I didn’t dream almost at all, so maybe it was panic. I turned to gr... Read Chapter

October 30

October 30 I didn’t want this moment to end. If it could last forever I would let it. We both leaned back for a breath and we looke... Read Chapter

October 31

October 31 The bright light behind me struck me like a flash bang and as I lost my balance while spinning, I saw another. “Holy... Read Chapter

November 1

November 1 “Ahem… Wait… Princess? You?” I realized right after that what I said was wrong as she started to pout. “Well... Read Chapter

November 2

November 2 “Are you sure about this Aster? It will be a tough journey and Shia will have to come along. You do understand this, rig... Read Chapter

November 3

November 3 “Eh… I… What… Is…” The words just wouldn’t appear as if someone had stuck a steel rod into my windpipe, it h... Read Chapter

November 4

November 4 “Damn… KYO!! SLOW DOWN!” I yelled into the dark void of trees, shrubs, and many different assortments of greenery th... Read Chapter