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An angry poem about men disrespecting women.

Submitted: June 07, 2008

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Submitted: June 07, 2008



Well aren’t you such a pimp
Drinking forties, slapping hoes
Do you feel more like a man
Now that everybody knows
Well it shows
I see you stepping on her toes
You’ve got her in your chrome grip
Making her take a sip
Until she starts to tip
And that’s when you go in for it
Well aren’t you such a man
Rollin in your escalade
Do you feel more important
Or more likely to get laid
I’ll provide the razor blade
So we can get you fixed
Cuz I’m sick of your tricks
And the way your Rolex ticks
Bragging how you got three chicks
And you need a fourth to throw in your mix
Well aren’t you so gangsta
With air force ones and silver rings
Do you feel so tough
Wearing 5 dollar bling

 “Shoulder Lean” plays when your cell phone rings

Man I hate those things
But you feel like a king
Holding the most expensive brand
In your fake-diamond encrusted hand
Acting like you should be fanned
By some sexy mamas in tropical sand
But the sand’s not as white as you man
Well aren’t you such a pimp
Drinking forties, slapping hoes
Do you feel more like a man
Now that everybody knows?
Cuz it shows, it shows
You’ve hit an all-time low
But that’s just how it goes
When you treat your girls like oxygen
Breathe her in, let her out
Don’t need her services again
Cuz you moved on to her hotter friend
She likes the look of your Benz
But you’re cocky and obnoxious
Just the thought of you makes me nauseous
So you girls should be cautious
His wallet’s big and thick,
But nothing else is (besides his ego)
And then he’s pushing and shoving
Putting that bun in your oven
Next thing you know
He no longer needs your lovin
So put your mind where it belongs
Take it out of your pants
Stop talking down to girls
And give a new hobby a chance
Get out of your sexual trance
You male chauvinist whore
You think being a dick is so hardcore
Acting like you’re Jesus, like you’re her savior
Learn to grow up and think a little more
Respect should never be a chore
And ladies, you should demand it
Stop condoning obvious bullshit
And when he treats you like useless waste
Don’t even wait
Just move onto someone with actual class and taste
And anytime you feel mistreated
And your human rights are being cheated
Don’t feel defeated
Just set him straight
Close the door on him and open a new gate
For yourself and no one else
You’ll find that independence and free will
Beats his insolence and his twenty dollar bills
And there’s more than just this boy, girl situation
We need more respect in this fucking nation
For different races, different shaped faces
Opinions, religions, sexual orientations
For gender, class, country and occupation
Some of us need a major ego deflation
And through all of this
Though so much was said
The only message I have
Is take a needle and just pop your big empty head

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