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These are few quotes that I felt like writing. Inspired after reading a good book or after being through an emotional moment or other similar things. I am planning to use these quotes in my future articles and short stories wherever applicable.

Please let me know if you like any specific one...

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012




Even when you din’ t love me,

Even after you cheated me,

I continued to be happy.

Just so that people don't hold you guilty for my tears.


Remember Memories can't be changed, so if you wish to

remain in someone’s/anyone’s happy memories do

extraordinarily well for it to happen so..


Friend is not the perfect person on earth, he/she is relatively better than others..


There is no love without jealousy and misunderstanding


Pleasure that is given by an author can never be compared to that by an director.

Author is a single person creating the universe you want to run off to but director with

the help of so many falls short of so many things.


I want to cry... A lot... But I have to continue with my facade of being a strong person.


Listening to the same depressing song till the feeling sinks in and then crying a lot

and letting it all go... That’s the way of doing it.


Isn't being exposed & secrets leaked an opportunity to win the situation??? I feel

it is a win-win situation.. You have nothing to lose as all your secrets are already

revealed & you can confidently push through whatever opinions you have without

fearing an outburst from the person opposite..

(After reading Can you keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella)


Life is so confusing at the moment!!! I feel I am a bit cracked cause for me the

grass is greener on my side itself which is not a situation a normal person gets into...

Am I on the right track???

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