A universe at it's end

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A man and a woman meet at through a photography course...
With desire consequences.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



A man met a girl in the summer of 2009. They met through a mutual hobby (they both enroled in photography courses). The man asked the girl if she wouldn't mind helping him with his photos after each workshop since she seemed to be catching on quick and he was having some difficulties keeping up. Eventually these 'tutor sessions' became visits to the movies or a dinner outing.


Soon after the woman asked for the man to come and have dinner with her parents. The man had alot of bad experiences with past girlfriend's parents so he was feeling really anxious. She assured him that her parents were nice enough people so he ended up going along.


Things were going fine with the man and her parents until someone brought up the issue of illegal immigrants. The man was very sympathetic to these immigrants and said he believed that if someone is willing to risk that much to get into another country then they must be trying to get away from something terrible, and this was a situation that people in most first world countries could not understand. Her father, however, claimed that his parents were immigrants from the Soviet Union and waited seven years to get legal documents allowing them to leave the country and if there is no excuse for entering a country illegaly.


The situation ruined the night and the man and his girlfriend went home in a gloomy mood. They spent the rest of the night curled up on the couch watching TV.


Later that week the man and his girlfriend thought it would be fun if they were to go out clubbing. They went down to a local nightclub called 'Club Polar'. They were having a good time and after a few drinks they thought they would hit the dance floor. Their favourite songs were playing and every one was having a great time. A hugely overweight man began dancing uncomfortably close to the man's girlfriend, however he didn't really think much of it at the time. To his surprise, mid-dance, the obese man slapped his girlfriend square on the ass. He thought this was right out of order and went to give the man a warning. When he tried to talk to, him the obese man paid no attention. The man turned to his girlfriend to ask if she wanted to leave. To his suprise, as he turned back to the obese man he was taking his shirt off, this was followed by his pants, socks, shoes and underwear. The obese man was completely naked. A monumentus cock protruded out of the obese man, it was so big that it dragged on the floor whilst phlacid (which was it's current state). The man was completely shocked. The obese man ran up to him and grabbed him by the throat. His giant cock immediatly became rock solid, almost doubling in girth. The man tried to struggle out of his greasy hold, but it was no use. The obese man forced him onto his knees and tried to shove his huge, slimey cock into his mouth. The man tried to resist at first but the obese man began to violently strike the man until he opened his mouth to make way for his monsterous dick. The obese man held nothing back as he pounded the man's throat. The man was crying and gagged many times. Eventually cum and saliva dribbled out of the man's mouth. It was at this point that he noticed that every one in the club was pointing and laughing at him, including his girlfriend. The man's tears became thicker. At last the obese man shot gallons of semen all over the humiliated individual. He lay in a cum soaked heap, crying and coughing up semen. The man's girlfriend laughed so hard and then left, leaving him on his own.


Hours later the man got up... walked up to the bar tender... smiled broady... and said in asleazy voice...




"At least it wasn't a BIGGER dick!!!!"

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