The origin of earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man wishes to become fitter...
But to what lengths will he go?

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



A man started renting a house in the winter of 2010. The house was small and hardly a palace, but the man was happy with it and enjoyed the area where it was located.

The man often walked to a gym which was nearby. After his fifth visit to the gym he noticed a man who was there nearly every time and approached him. The man, who was facing the wall, turned to reveal a huge muscley figure, glistening with sweat. His head was shaved and he had a large spikey black beard, the muscled man grinned broadly and his brow furrowed in an offensive smirk. The smaller man immediately became threatened and left the gym, walking back towards his small home.

After a brisk and scared walk back home, the man fumbled with his keys at the door, opening it and quickley looking back. As he walked into the door he bumped into something blocking the frame, it was the heavily muscled man, grinning widely and evilly in anticipation. He was naked and his hard and hypertrophied cock nearly hit the roof, brushing across the muscled man's wild beard. Muscles hard and gleaming, the muscled man grabbed the smaller man and preceded to heavily and roughly tounge kiss him, before hinging open the smaller man's jaw and forcing him to guzzle the rock hard dick. The smaller man tried to bite down on the heavily muscled man's penis, but it was too hard to damage, and the muscled man seemed to enjoy it, hollering and hooting with passion. The small man began to cry and piss himself as the muscley cock pumped gallons of cum into his scrawny body, and found himself lying in a puddle of sweat, urine, sperm and tears several hours after, crying still and vomiting out semen.

He looked up to see his neighbour, who was shocked and about to call the police, with a huge sleazy grin and said...

... "At least it wasn't a BIGGER dick!!!"

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