Love Conquores All

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True Love cares for whats inside not on the out, the apperance is just a bonus!

Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Submitted: March 27, 2012




Love Conquores All


Becky was a young nineteen year old girl who had braces, glasses, medium brown hair, with brown eyes and was a little over weight. She loved school but was always made fun of because of her appearance. She was not the prettiest girl, but she had a big heart and always tried to do well even to those who did her wrong. Becky was a great student, she would always turn in her homework and she would always go the extra mile.

Becky did not have many friends, actually she only had one friend but they didn’t really talk to each other much. She was always alone and did not go out often, she loved to play the piano and she had an amazing and beautiful voice. She mostly hung out with people who were older than her as oppose to teens her age. She felt that older people understood her better and did not leave her out because of her appearance. Becky liked to spend time playing music and making songs.

 Music was Becky’s life, if she did not have music she felt like she had nothing to live for; of course this was just sarcasm. She was a Daddy’s girl but she also loved her mother very much. Some people thought she was spoiled but in reality she just earned everything she had. She had to earn good grades and of course have good behavior. She had to also do the normal house chores.

One day at school, in Becky’s 2nd period class they received a new student. The new student’s name was John. He was tall, buff, had brown hair with brown eyes. During his first couple of weeks at school, John joined the football team as a quarterback. He was always surrounded by all of the “good looking” girls and of course the cheer leaders.

Becky passionately disliked John’s personality. She disliked the fact that he enjoyed all the attention and how he was always talking to girls. Although Becky disliked him, she always tried to look at the good side of him. Becky tried really hard but for some reason she could not seem to find any good thing about him. She was always annoyed of him during their second period.  He would always brag about how good he was at football and how everyone always “praised” him after every game.

It was a Friday night and John was warming up to play in his football game. Becky was in photography class so for her assignment she had to take some pictures of the football game. When Becky got to the game she saw John with a little brown book in his hand, Becky was really curious about what the little brown book could be. She was so curious that she took a picture of him holding the brown book; she did not want to go ask him because she thought that he would think that she just used that as an excuse to go up there and talk to him.

 After the game, Becky went home and started thinking about that book, she thought to herself, “could it be that John is Christian?” She thought and thought about it all night and was curiously agonizing to know what that book was. The next day during second period she was meditating on whether to ask him or not, then suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder and to her surprise it was John. He said, ‘“Excuse me but I think you dropped this” and handed her one of the pictures she had taken of the football game. She then received the picture and thanked him, then out of nowhere he started having a conversation with her and she figured out that they had more in common than what she thought!

During their thirty minute conversation she found out that he was twenty and he was obviously in the same College she was. He was Christian and that the reason why he was holding that little brown book in his hands, it was a Bible. He prayed before every game so that God would give him the strength and the guidance to win. Becky also found out the he loved to play piano and sing, he had composed many beautiful songs but never showed then to anyone. The bell rang and they both headed back to separate class rooms.

Becky was unsure about what to feel now that she actually got to know him a little bit better. She was glad that she did not come to any weird conclusions about the book, but she also felt this warm feeling inside of her. Could it be that I am starting to like John? Becky wondered. They had a nice conversation and he was nice enough to pick up her picture. Becky thought and thought but then again she said to herself, a guy like john would never like a girl like me.

Although Becky was Christian she lacked in self confidence she thought she was ugly and did not care for herself. She always wore sweats and a pony tail to school. As time went by, John and Becky became good friends. John and his family started going to the same church as Becky, and to his surprise Becky’s Father was the Pastor at that church. John thought to himself, “No wonder she is always so nice and so calm, she is different than the other girls at school” and to top it all off she was the lead singer in the choir at church.

John was shocked because at church Becky would go really nice, she would wear skirts and dresses, and she would wear makeup and do her hair. This really caught John’s attention and he began to feel this warm fuzzy feeling every time he saw her. They would talk at church and met her family as well as Becky; she also met John’s family. John’s mother absolutely loved Becky; they would go out for lunch all the time. As well as Becky’s father, he liked John and would go fishing with him and together they would study the Bible.

 John and Becky started to eat lunch together and sit next to each other during 2nd period. John would always ask Becky why she never went all nice to school, and Becky would always say that it was because she did not want to deal with the attention and drama that it would bring. The bell rang and it was lunch time, as usual John and Becky headed out for lunch at Olive Garden, but there was something that felt different for Becky. She could feel as if something were about to happen, although she did not know what it was she just went along with everything else.  John often found himself just thinking about Becky and how gorgeous he thought she was, he was wondering whether to ask her to be his girlfriend but was uncertain about what her answer would be. At the same time Becky also found herself thinking about how handsome John was and how perfect it would be if they got together as a couple after all his mom and dad loved her and her father and mother loved John.

The waitress came over to their table and they both ordered their meal. There was an awkward silence for a moment when John started talking. They started having a nice conversation when the unthinkable happened. John out of nowhere started confessing to Becky that since the day when she dropped her picture and they had their first talk he fell massively in love with her. He told her that as the days went by he couldn’t wait until the weekends because although he thought she was gorgeous just the way she was he fell in deeper love with her the days she would go to church.

 Becky was shocked and did not know what to say all she could do was smile. There was a two minute silence between them when Becky looked him in the eyes and told him that out of all the girls that he knew why did he choose her. John replied, “Because your different, you listen to me, you understand me, you are smart,beautiful, you have an amazing voice that calms me down every time I feel upset,you love God above all things and your honest, I feel that being with you is a necessity for me rather than an option when I am without you I feel like something about me is missing”.  Becky just smiled and said, “John at first I did not like you, I thought you were just like all the other guys but as we got to know each other better I felt something that I have never felt before. My parents love you and you love God above all things you’re an amazing guy who doesn’t give up you set your mind on something and conquer it”.

  John had a huge smile on his face and was happy that the feelings were mutual. The he said, “Ok so now that we both feel the same way I want to do things right and ask your father if it is ok for us to date”. Becky agreed and they both put things in God’s hands, the next morning John as always went over to have breakfast with the Becky’s father. John was really nervous and before facing Becky’s dad he prayed and asked God that if they were ment to be then to have her father speak about the subject first. As their food was cooking Becky’s father asked John how he felt towards Becky. John was completely honest and told him everything that had happened between them and told him how he felt towards Becky.

  There was somewhat of a happy tone in the Pastor’s voice when suddenly he called Becky into the room. He sat both John and Becky in front of him and asked her the same question; Becky a bit frightened was also honest and told him the same thing John had said. Her father then brought a smile to his face and called his wife as well as John’s parents to come into the room as well. He then broke down in tears and gave them their blessing, as well as John’s parents. Both families were happy that they were together, especially John and Becky. After that day John and Becky would always respect each other and would continue their original and daily schedule.

  John and Becky both graduated College; John became a Business man but also majored in music and Becky became a Physiologist but majored in music. They have been dating for seven years now and both of their families were really happy for them. It was the day of Becky’s birthday and John along with some help of her parents and his parents had something huge planned for her, John thought about every single detail and made sure that everything was perfect. It was a surprise party and he invited all of her close friends and family, he had spent a lot of money on this but to him she deserved more than this. As Becky walked into the room she started bursting in tears and was surprised that John had done all of this just for her.

After dinner and after all of the guests had left, John took Becky and the rest of their family to the beach where he had a space rented just for this occasion. It had red and white rose petals all over with sea shells and warm sand of course. He also put up a turquoise colored curtain and brought sweet treats for them to have a bonfire with both their families. Becky was wearing a beautiful flowy dress that expanded as the wind hit the bottom of it. Becky’s father already knew what John was going to do and he was very happy about it, as Becky walked into the spot that had the rose petals and the turquoise curtain she found John on one knee with a turquoise colored box opened exhibiting an expensive and huge diamond ring the size of a strawberry. As soon as John saw her he said, “Becky since the day that I first talked to you I felt as If I had found my other half, and we got to know each other better there wasn’t a single day that I did not think of you. I have always asked God for a beautiful woman inside and out who would comprehend me and know how to sooth me when I am sad or upset, and I thank him because he finally answered my prayers”. With tears in his eyes John asked for Becky’s hand in marriage and with tears of joy Becky said yes!!!

A year later they got married, they had a beautiful beach wedding with gorgeous colors. They had an amazing honeymoon and two years after they got married, God blessed them with a handsome baby boy whom they named Caleb Benjamin. Which means son of the right hand, the right hand is the place of honor and trust. Three months later they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl whom they named Hadassah Hasadiah which means Esther the one that God loves. Together these four grew to be the happiest family you could ever see, John became a Pastor and opened his own church as for Becky became a singer for Christ. 

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