This is about how i delt with the death of my granddad when i was about eight and the effect it had on me.

Granddad George
You have been gone a while now
Although you are still missed
I may have hardly cried for you
But I did care
I missed you then and still do now
You were the best granddad a girl could want
You looked after me
Spoiled me
And you were just like another child
No one can mention you now without
Tears welling up in my eyes
Without dredging up memories
Too painful to deal with.
Like how we weren’t allowed to see you,
How you ended up in hospital after a stroke
And were told you had cancer which would kill you.
You were put in a special ward and hooked up to machines
Then when you were told that me and my brother couldn’t see you
You had a massive heart attack and died.
I hardly cried, I put on a brave face
All so as not to upset Peter
Because he was too young to understand
I wasn’t allowed to go to your funeral
The grief and other emotions stayed bottled up
Stayed bottled up for almost eight years
I cry for you now granddad
And even as I write this I have to fight away the tears
So that no more stain my cheek
Because now I know you are looking down on me
And I’d hate you to see me cry.

Submitted: May 01, 2009

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