This is a sonnet about my boyfriend and how much i love him.

You are my life, my everything it’s true,
I could never love anyone but you.
When I see you my heart sets on fire,
You give me everything I desire.
Anyone can see that it’s meant to be,
You make me happy, you set me free.
Your love takes me to a much better place,
Living without you I could never face.
Cheat on you that’s what I’ll never do,
Because my love for you really is true.
You keep me together, you keep me sane,
You drown out my sorrow, subdue my pain.
I will stand by you to the end it’s true,
Because I’m completely in love with you.

Submitted: April 01, 2009

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Eddy the Panda

this is the cheariest thing you've ever wrote (That i've read) my dear, tis different. i likes it so

Fri, May 8th, 2009 12:54pm


Thank yous :D

Fri, May 8th, 2009 7:34am


sweet and beautiful :D

Mon, May 11th, 2009 9:50am


Thank you, It really reflects mine and his relationship :D

Mon, May 11th, 2009 3:22am

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