This is apoem about an argument that me and my boyfriend had.

The argument
Tears flowed down her cheeks,
Tears of the painful present and repressed memories.
It’s all her own fault though,
If only she weren’t so damn promiscuous
Then none of this would have happened.
The comments wouldn’t have been made,
The painful past wouldn’t have resurfaced.
Yet she caused it,
Caused it all and all she can do is cut,
Cut herself, oh but how her love tries to stop her,
Tries so hard to prevent the inevitable.
He’s holding back the tars,
Feels useless,
He tried so hard yet she still cut herself.
He’s in agony, dying on the inside,
How can he love her when she’s hurt him so much?
She struggles, tries to get him to let go
But it doesn’t work,
He doesn’t want to see his love hurt herself again.
Finally she stops struggling,
She’s realised the few cuts she has made will have to do for now.
She drops the pin and he begins to tend to her wounds,
When he’s not looking she retakes the pin.
He tries to kiss her,
Tries to ease away her pain but she won’t let him
She backs away,
\\he gives up on her, lets her sit alone, uncomforted.
She thinks he’s not looking,
She begins to cut but he saw.
He silently pleads her to stop,
The tears frantically welling up in his eyes.
She looks at him and realises she’s hurt him,
She drops the pin and starts crying uncontrollably,
She’s hurt him and it’s killing her.
She thinks about telling him to find someone more loving,
But it’s too painful so she stays silent.
After a while her tears stop,
She apologises for being a heartless, selfish bitch,
He apologises for the way he reacted,
\\she tells him he only acted that way because of her.
They both hate themselves,
They hate the way they reacted
And it’s slowly killing them on the inside,
They love each other so much it hurts.
Their love is strong, they can resolve this,
Things will get better
And they will be happy once again.
They need each other,
They want each other.
They sit and get things off their chests,
Their love never fading,
Always growing in strength.
They’ve made it through,
They feel better
And now they know they’ll always have each other.
The emotional turmoilt didn’t rip them apart
Like it could and should of,
It made them closer, their relationship stronger.
How could they have doubted each other,
Caused each other pain?
It no longer matters,

The have each other and that’s the important thing.

Submitted: April 20, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Gothalicious. All rights reserved.

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Rach Loves Sam

Wow, another poem I relate to! This brought tears to my eyes. Unhappy memories. Arguments make eachother stronger, I just wish I didnt feel so guilty when I cause them. Its always my fault. I really like this poem

Mon, May 11th, 2009 9:15pm


Arguments are always my fault too and I also feel unbelievably guilty. I'm glad you liked it though

Tue, May 12th, 2009 12:14am

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