THE Inner BEAST...

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A story about me. Its unnverving...its scary...It scares me.

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008



  I can feel the tremble rise up my spine. Like a thousand ripples...I can barely hold it down. I tighten my skin and breathe deep...not here...not now. I will not make a fool out of myself. Soemtimes the beast wants to be free, sometimes it pushes and pushes till I have to lock myself away...waiting till it passes. Then, I slink out of my room...back into normality.

Can anyone explain this. This is a NON-fiction story...of a For real. 
My parents make me go to church. That's when the beast arises. Fire burns in my chest, I can feel my muscles tensing and hear bones cracking. It wants out. I restarin myself...I try not to breathe. It won't be out...I won't let it destroy. An uncanny urge comes over me. I have to...I need to...I want to....I want to scream and rage. leapt from the walls, letting my inner self come looose...killing...wrecking...and screaming. I want to so bad....but I don't. I don't want to let myself hurt someone. 

I cannot tell anyone...I can't let them know. I can't be who I am...Because I don't know WHAT I am.

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