Performance in the Ring

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A young girl by the name of Mirical rides her horse Cobolt and wins!

Submitted: June 17, 2010

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Submitted: June 17, 2010



The tunnel was so dark, so soundless and serene. Breathing hard, no not me, but him-Cobolt, he walked tword the light where the audience cheered. We knew now was the time hose and rider became as one with eachother. It was't time for me, or for Cobolt, but time for us. We knew now we had to be one.
My hands pulled back on his reins so gently, it was like a butterfly lightning on his nose. His big white head nodded as his black got into stance. One more deep breathe from me then my head turned tword the lightas he walked torwed it. My black boots pushed into his sides as he walked.
I was nervous. He was nervous, but we were calm. We hit the light and sudenly, so sudenly, a burst of sund hit our ears. We knew we would have to do our best. The dirt picked up as his hooves pushed from one spot to another while walking. Cobolt bowed his mighty white head, and that was my signal to push my head twords my chest while we were judged on presentation. The judges picked their clipboards up and intently made marks. My red and black suit was in perfect alignment. My helmat was tight, but not to tight. My gloves, his reins, and lastly my boots sat still saluting America in the moment of silence.
."You may begin, Miss Miracel," said one of the judges. We leaned our heads forward as Cobolt began to gallop magestically. As he jumped the first bar, I held my breath until he landed lightly on the other side. Majestically, he galloped and landed perfectly each time. We began picking up speed as the sun warmed our bodys and our exitement. grew. We continued the galloping and jumping, galloping and jumping as the cheers of the crowed grew louder. I could hear Cobolts heavy breathing and the smell of swear coming off of his body.
My eyes stayed on the clock to make sure my time did't run out. Twenty seconds left with one jumo to go, "The Mountin Jump." For half a second he froze, but I dug my boots in tighter and persuaded him to go.He galloped tword the jump and heaved himself into the air with all his might. My eyes closed. I could't watch. I waited to feel the hard earth beneath us. I forced my eyes open as we landed in a perfect stance. Now was the time for judging. They gave us the gold medal. Our dreams had come true!

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