Herbal Remedies

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A poem about herbs and thier special abilities. Rhyming and fun in every stanza!

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Herbal Remedies


Lavender, Basil, Rosemary and more

happily spread you love forevermore

The ancient battles of timely folklore

Aloe Vera does not mind the gore


Chamomile, Foxglove, and St. John's Wort too

blithely bring relaxation to you

The deadly might of Aconite is true

just like the terminal poison of Rue


Agrimony, Comfrey, and great Yarrow

heal the dire wounds of any fellow

Demon protection helps you to mellow

use dainty Mugwort's flowers of yellow


An Eye disorder or ailment we fight

with the healing herb of mighty Eyebright,

Profound melancholy, vertigo, fright

the very curative Feverfew shall smite


A gift, immortality surely would

if only majestic and noble Sage could

Absinthe infused with bizarre Wormwood

Careful! for far too much cannot be good


To soothe burns with Poplar you must combine

jointly with Poppy and Henbane in time

Chives and Garlic, Oregano and Thyme

used in cooking are superbly sublime


Echinacea, an awesome herb to trade

purifies blood and is never delayed

But Lobelia, Saffron, and Nightshade

will only cause your life to slowly fade

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