The White Horse Of Death

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The White Horse Of Death. A mans dying from cancer but one night he saw the white horse in his dream.

Submitted: July 17, 2010

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Submitted: July 17, 2010



Once, there was a guy dying of Cancer his name was Alex he is 57 years old. The doctor told him to stop smoking but everyday he smokes 8 cigarettes a day.Alex knew he was dying he hated his life and he had no kids, no wife, no pets, he doen't see his brother Tom any more.He just wanted to end his life.But one night he was going nuts and he was drinking 6 bottles of Alcohol.He was drunk as Hell!! you could not stop him.And then 20 mins he started to smoke .After 1 cigarettes he fell asleep.and Alex was dreaming he saw a purple sky and right behind him was The White horse of Death.And turn a round alittle and he saw the white horse just a little glimps of the white horse.And The next day Alex went to the doctor and he told him about his dream to the doctor and the doctor wasn't listening  to him because the doctor knew he was nuts.When he went back home and he heard a big scream so he went up stair to check want it was and no ones up stair and down stair not in the house at all so Alex sat down in his chair and he started smoking 5  cigarettes. when went to go get some thing to eat and when he went into the kitchen he saw a bloody skeleton in the kitchen and Alex blinked 3 times and then it was gone. When he was sleeping he saw the white horse of death.And there was a rider on the horse it was a skeleton with a blade to chop off his head. The skeleton came closer and Alex couldn't move and then the skeleton strike of his sword. And then Alex was dead in his dream and in his life.he died in his chair.

when you know you are dying of something you will see The White Horse of Death. even King Henry VIII was the white horse and he died.And so much people died to and they saw the White Horse of Death.

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