A Dream... (R.I.P. M.L.K.)

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This is my poem on one of the greatest visionary's this world has ever seen...Martin Luther King Jr. I hope you enjoy it...THX GOTHIKAH666 T_T

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



A Dream... (R.I.P. M.L.K.)

This is a poem on Martin Luther King

So see, people here's the thing

He spoke to millions in just one day

And for miles around you could hear him say,

"I have a dream..."

People, this man had a glorious dream

Which during that time seemed to seem...


Maybe impossible?

Perhaps Improbable?

Ridiculous even?

No...it was revolutionary

People, he was a racial visionary

Speaking of a peace between the races

And disregarding the shade of their faces

He spoke to the blacks and whites

Just trying to bring the end of the fights

But due racism, hate and anger Martin died...

And on that day I'd like to think the whole world cried

I'd like to think that...

I'd really like to...

But in my mind I know its not true

People, that man died just to be seen as equal

To put a stop to the racist hate and undeserved evil

He died...for his dreams...for what he believed...

But in his tragic death you would never believe what he achieved

People, his glorious dream was heard and people did listen

To Martin Luther King Jr...aka the man on a mission.

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