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These are four of my rants from my Facebook page. I hope you enjoy them and please go "like" me on Facebook at ...Sincerely yours- Gothikah666

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012



Your One of Us

I know how it feels... The blanket on your bed is heavier than ever before, your mind is so clouded its like you cant even think, you've clicked the snooze button on your alarm so many times you cant even remember and your phone has rung over and over with texts and calls but you cant even lift your arm to stop it from echoing in the silence that is your depression. Life has been more than unfair to you, the reasons to go on go down one by one day by day and its almost like your living inside of a coffin waiting to be buried. I get it, I really do. I'm not expecting you to believe me when I say your going to be fine but you will be, I'm not expecting you to believe me when I say your not alone, but you aren't. I DO get it, I do, I've been there and for someone like me to be standing here today is what I'd call a modern day miracle. Life is hard and yes it sucks but if you really feel like your all alone trust me when I say you couldn't be further from the truth. I AM here and the silent screams of every single person lying in their beds being crushed under the weight of their blanket are their with you. Your not alone, your part of an unspoken republic, your not alone, your just a wave in an ocean, your NOT alone....Your one of us...Welcome...

Your Gonna Be Fine

No matter what, something in life is going to get you down. I just want to tell you there are two ways to take it. One- You can get knocked down and cry and lay there while the world passes you by because lets be honest its not going to wait up or Two- You can dust yourself off or grab that helping hand if there is one and get back up and tell the world "Not today..." Because the moment you give up and the world passes you by is the moment you just let the world win. See, I known what its like to not even want to get out of bed, waking up at 4p.m. when I fell asleep at 3a.m. because I was to sad to sleep and I couldn't shake off my own thoughts. I've had my share of soaked pillow cases and late night fits. I've been there and its not a good place to be. Your worth much much more than degrading yourself to that point. Your the only you, you have and thats pretty special within itself and c'mon you've made it this far so give yourself some credit, seriously. So people stop being so hard on yourself. There so much time in this life we live so don't go wasting it because Ill tell you right now ,your gonna be fine, trust me...

One More Shot

There will be a time when we all must fail, drop from the graces of your beloved but there is hope...there is always hope. You beloved's love might be strong enough to accept you again. To still see you like no other. To love and care for you with an endless passion. To kiss you with the same butterflies that fluttered in their stomach the first time. If you are the person that has messed up and fallen along the way just hope your loved ones turn around and help you back up. Just hope they can look at you the same...Just pray they give you one more chance...and if you so happen to be lucky enough to get one more shot, thank them for believing in you more than you even do...


I grow weary, tired from the whips and scorns of time and I feel I must sleep but awake I stay...for there is much to much to do. So as my pillow rests on my bed it shall not feel a single hair on my head due to the reason that I will not be there tonight...Oh no. There is much to much to do and even more on my mind... And I can settle it all...I can put it all to rest but I need time...I just need time...


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