Hello! My name is...

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A spoken word sort of blank verse-y type of poem that I wrote about the scars on my wrist and how they define me. They are my past and they will come with me into the future. They are a constant reminder of who I was and who I will never be again. I know its not my best but I just wanted to get my emotion out...Enjoy...THX GOTHIKAH666 T_T

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



Hello! My name is...

The scars on my wrist are looking like a nametag now

screaming HELLO! My name is FUCKED UP

But I'm not saying that I'm ashamed of what I did

Its just some people need to just get a grip and realize

That life isn't just flowers and sunshine, happiness and hope

And its not all darkness and despair, hate and violence either

Its a line of black and white and maybe a little bit of grey...Ok Ill be honest...a lot of grey

And I just got stuck in the black for God knows how long and I just couldn't find my way out

So congrats if your Dad makes a decent income and congrats if your Mom hasn't done drugs

All the more power to you but don't spend your time fucking with me or judging me for what I've done

So people look... yeah my wrist is scarred but it doesn't scream HELLO! My name is FUCKED UP

Oh hell no...when I look at it, it screams HELLO! My name is RECOVERED

Hear me out, I'm damn proud of those scars on my wrist, believe me I am

Cause it proves how hard I've worked and how strong I've become

Its the most honorable and respectable thing I've probably ever done

So when you look at my scars and make a spectacle of me

Also look at where I am now.....And where I could be.


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