Spoken Word...So Absurd

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I poem I wrote because Ive been feeling emotional lately...Hope you like it...THX GOTHIKAH666 T_T

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011



Spoken Word...So Absurd

I stand alone and I hold up my pen

I think about cutting every now and then

But my cause is right...my cause is just

And Id rather die then get kicked to the dust

And in me you can trust cause I wont ever bust

Ill discard lust and do what I must just to get by

And people can say I lie or that I'm just some guy

Who blurts the absurd and broke from the herd

I speak spoken word and if you haven't heard

I couldn't give less of a shit so please just hit

The road and hit it hard cause apparently I'm a joker

In a set of cards, but this is no laughing matter

Cause this mad hatter is sick of the chatter

The rumors and the talk make me wanna walk

Right into traffic and end it in the streets

With my pen held high so please take your seats

My name is Gothikah and I have a story to be told

About my soul thats sold and my pen I hold

My heart so cold, And how I'm getting old

So please behold Mr.Bold and uncontrolled

With his pen held high and ready to die

For his beliefs because he truly believes

That we can honestly wash the blood off our sleeves

My name is Gothikah and here I pause

Cause the silence to me sounds like applause

I speak my words for all to hear

About me and my horrific fear

That tomorrow I wont be here

To catch that falling tear

© Copyright 2018 Gothikah666. All rights reserved.

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