That Wonderful Place...

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A sort of twisted sick poem I wrote with a nice title kind of like oh this is going to be a sweet loving....oh wait nevermind haha. Well enjoy!

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Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



That Wonderful Place...

The feel of the grass upon my skin,
A feeling so sweet it must be sin,
The feel of the sun upon my face,
Oh, how I loved that wonderful place.

The feel of the wind blowing through my hair,
The sad part is that I'm not even there,
Im stuck in a soft square room full of white,
Sitting alone with my arms strapped tight.

While the simple things like memories keep me going,
Of the green grass, the warm sun, and the wind blowing,
They put me here for apparently something bad,
I dont really see it, I just killed my dad.

But you must understand, he was so mean,
So I feel in God's eyes my hands are clean,
I struck him over the head one to many times,
And so the judge said I must pay for my crimes.

They said I was crazy, they said I was insane,
But they dont know me and they dont know my pain,
Now the only thing I want is to go back to my life,
There is just one problem though...The judge gave me life...


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