Violets and Roses

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A poem I wrote for my girlfriend. Shes my world and the light in my dark life. Hope you like it...THX GOTHIKAH666 T_T

Violets and Roses

Roses are red

Vilotes are blue

I'm only my happiest

When I'm with you

You are my world's sun

You are my life's light

You are the single brightest star

In my blackest night

You are my heart

You are my soul

Your the only thing

That makes me whole

I love you so much

You really have no clue

Though I may be on the ground

I'm sky high when I'm with you

You make me better

You make me complete

Those three words I LOVE YOU

I will always repeat

My words cant express how much you mean to me

You make me a better person

The best one I can be

And I do it all for you dear

I promis you I'll be there

To catch any and every falling tear

And place it back in your beautiful eye

Because when your with me

You should never have to cry


and I need you to trust

That Ill be there for you

And do whatever I must

To be your one and only one

The poem may be finnished

But Im not even done...

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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