Velvet Raindrops

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A long story/poem about what really matters in this world
I apologise for the word C*ap

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



I watch the raindrops hit my window and race

I watch them as they compete to win the ultimate chase

They go down, down til there no where in sight

They have disappeared like a stranger into the night

I restrain my eyes from the drops whilst instead I watch a man

This man has nothing in his possession other than a can

This can holds his belongings as he walks through the cold

The can is dirty, the brand is tattered and covered in mold

Inside this can appeared to be a bit of paper, a piece of scrap

This was special to the man, to me a piece of crap

I poundered my simple thoughts to what it could be

Outside my warm house was wind and fog, I couldnt see

As the wind blew stronger, the paper flew out

The man ran after it, waving his arms all about

The paper twisted and turned, the wind made it dance

It intist me, it put me through a indescribable trance

The man continued chasing after the uncatchable piece of trash

It spiralled out of control like a man with to much cash

The wind changed direction and the rubbish continued to fly

It was flying and twirling until it hit I

It hit my window and I could see clearly what it was

A torn photograph, oh how tattered it twas

This picture was of a beautiful woman holding a baby boy

This womans eyes were tired, but her smile was nothing but joy

The baby had just been born and had a large smile from cheek to cheek

It was reaching out into the world, opening it's eyes for a peek

I was so enchanted by the picture of the newborn child 

That I had forgotten about the man, and the storm, it was so wild

The wind blew harder and the picture flew away 

That when I saw the man, he spoke nothing but his eyes said he had something to say

His eyes were green with a tinge of blue

His eyes sparkled and from the looks of his clothes, the only thing 'new'

He stared at me as I got lost in his dark eyes

He gave me a look, a look which said his goodbyes 

He ran after the picture with the can in his hand

He looked so cold, I felt heartless, I couldn't stand

I couldn't stand the fact that I was warm and he was not

He was freezing cold and I'm in a nice cosy spot

I leaped off the window sil and barged out the door

I was astonished I'd never seen weather like this before

I ran down the street where the man was cold and wet

I saw him sitting on the sidewalk, he was like noone I had ever met

He held the wet picture in his hand, the ink had blurred the womans face

Their were water droplets on the picture, having a race

I asked the man inside, he shifted his head to face me and said no

He said this picture is all I need through rain, drought or snow

I asked him if he would like a jacket and he refused for the secound time

He said all I want is my family and a good ole glass of wine

I asked him again if he wanted to come in my home

He got up, wiped his torn pants and gave a groan

He said my home is underneath the nighttime sky, my wine is these velvet raindrops and my jacket is the warmth from this picture

At that he gave me a wave and walked off down the street

With the only sound besides the rain was the dragging of his feet

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