Start A Life Once Again

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I wrote this when I was really depressed


Left all alone in the storm,
I wrap my hands around me and hit the road,
I sat by a tree feeling too cold,
closed my eyes scared by the lightning,
and the memories began to haunt,
I shivered as pain took hold,
I pretended to be bold,
But i couldn't hold it too long,
I got up and strolled,
No where to go,
And I fell on my knees,
Deciding to give up the fight.
I stared up at the dark sky,
as the rain drops hit my eyes,
I glanced through the clouds,
Then appeared an Illusion of their faces.
Can somebody see me?
Can somebody hear me,
Somebody please save me,
My heart is torn into pieces,
I wish somebody would burn me,
So that I could float free,
like the clouds in the sky,
And one day fall back down like rain,
And start a life once again.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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