Got The Best Of Me

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Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



I Can't Close My Eyes

Seeing Me Giving Up The Fight

Holding Onto Nothing But Just Air

And Everyone Seem Not To Care


Stars Are Falling Down And The Earth

Is Sinking Around Of Me

Sun Disappeared When She Found

The Moon In Underneath

As The Bottom Of My Heart

Starting New Way To Bleed

And The Pains Are Running In Me

So Hard So Speed


The Sand In my Hands

Flew With The Air

My Name Is Dropping In

The Universe Stairs

They're Pushing Me Down

To Back The Way I Came From

But I Will Spin Around Of Them

Til I Get What I Want


Soon I Will Have A New Life

And The Past Rings Keep Running On My Mind

Can't Just Sleep All The Night

Always Awake All The Time

Am I Afraid To Die ??

Only I Wanna Survive

Of The Darkness Inside Of Me

Keep Running Myself To The Empty

Send Me Please The Light Inside Of you

I Need A Clue


Rain Drops As It's Cool As It's Harsh

Most Of Them Keep Hurting Me all The Time

Can't Give Up On Something I Believed In

Can't Hate Someone I Considered Him Before As A Friend

Love Is Holding A Rope Around My Neck

As It's Pressing On My Brain

Can't Take It Anymore , can't Release Myself

And I Feel So Much Pain


So Do A Favor To Me And Hold Me To Let Go

I Won't Move Forward To Somewhere I Don't Know

I Will Be Always Here , I Just Need A Hope

And A Smile Can Light My Night Up Like A Coup

Not A Pain Can Make My Tears Drop

I Can Not Give Up On Everything For The Rain

I Won't Hurt Myself I Don't Wanna Back Again

A Rain Is Something Beautiful So Don't Make Me Feel Ashamed

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