RiNgS Of ThE PaSt

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Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



i'm sitting all alone......writing a sad song

thinking of you.........everything was so true

Ohhh No

i'm trying to find the missing pieces of me

throw the dark tunnel you left me

there's no exit i'm gonna spend my life

holding the ashes of our love


do you remember the music we used to play

the words you've been always says

and how you torn me away

easily you let it be


i'm trying to find a key to survive

i'm bleeding all the night

every tear drops has a thousand lie

see all my glass were smashed

there's nothing left to see

of Me


and if you wonder i'm here waiting for you

do you care about me or you gonna let me go

cause here i'm dying while ur playing with my sad tendon

and nothing would heal me , i wanna back home


you treated me as a flower you took every petal from me

now this flower is burning under your mercy ,please

release my soul out of your tough heart

i'm running out of time , i will be falling apart


i opened my eyes to see the truth

people screaming running to the south

i looked everywhere in pain

if this could heal my soul instead

there was flames everywhere

a great explosion happened there


and you were there but your soul went away

my heart was bleeding more than any time before

i thought i forgot you , i hated you

but i loved you more


my tears ran down like the heavy rain

they asked me and i couldn't spell out my name

it was like the stick into my heart

i held my pen ,i wiped my tears

like nothing has started

and now i'm going thru the life.......and ur memories carved in my mind

your shadows won't let me go.......your love never leaved me alone

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