Fighters Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I love mma so i wrote this for my writing class at school, thats about it hope you like it!

Low thuds ripple through the room
Faint, muffled cheering in the distance
People speaking all around
Your eyes are closed
Sweat trickles down your cheek
Your thumping heart beats and beats again
You can feel the electric energy coursing through the walls

You open your eyes
A man stands before you
His sharp blue eyes gleam with pride
He takes your hands
His rough age worn skin rubs against yours
Placing the black leather gloves upon them
Strapped tightly to your fists, your weapons

Words shower from the mans mouth
You hear not one
Your mind like a page is blank
Every moment in your life has lead to this
Words cannot effect you now
Through sweat and tears you’ve made it here
And through sweat and tears you will leave

Now you take a stand
A bulky man near the door gestures at you
Breathing hard, head held high you begin to move
An uproar from behind begins
Your team….your family cheering you on
Sharp slaps across the back follow you out
You are invincible, nothing can stop you

A narrow hallway appears
Grey lifeless walls surround you
Your footsteps echo, the cheering grows louder
A blank grey door awaits at the end
You inhale….sweat and blood consume your senses
It fills you with courage, it fills you with strength

The doors are swung open
Burning lights of blue, red and yellow shine down upon you
Cheers are suddenly taken over by boos and jeers
People sneer, snarl and spit on you
You walk through them with a grin
Laughing at their disrespect
They will know you in the end

A cage now lies ahead
It beckons you from afar
A beast lies within
Growling and snapping its teeth
It paces back and fourth, its eyes set on you
You enter the cage of the beast and challenge it with a stare
This beast needs to be tamed and you are the tamer

You stand on your side of the cage
Breathing deep, remembering your goal
Your heart slows
The music fades away
The cheering grows louder
A bell rings
Now do what you were born to do

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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