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this is a story about a fictional universe in which most of our rules are bent. in this story, there are 7 realms. like flat earths stacked on top of each other each having a predominant element. the first temeurenau is the realm of fire. the second okeani is the realm of water. the third, udaru is the realm of air. the fourth is kholodas, the realm of ice and snow. the fifth trianli is the realm of electricity. the sixth nekuma is the realm of rock. and finally ilathina the realm of a forest. these realms all grow in size until kholodas then they get smaller.

Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



By:  Isaiah R. Day



Part 1

Celestu, 4273


Tonlakea, Okeani

I conjured right in front of the master's palace, a 1,888 foot tall tower with twelve foot thick walls made of pure abalone. On top of the palace was a golden ball that made rainbows cover the entire island. I know that I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, but I took most of it for granted because I had been surrounded by privilege after privilege my whole life. My family was very wealthy. My grandfather had been the Master of Temeurenua, my mom grew up in it’s palace. When she was twenty-six, she married my dad who was the current Master of Ilathina, one of the wealthiest realms out of the seven. They had moved around the seven realms having a child in each one. I never really understood why they wanted to do that.

Whenever someone asked, “why do you have six other siblings all from a different realm?” I just replied, “My parents have a screwed up bucket list.” I was the middle child and didn’t get much attention so I spent most of my time wandering the city. I really disliked how big my family was, so I pretty much lived at my best friend Teddy’s house. My parents didn’t even notice that I was gone. The only thing that made me stand out from my other siblings was the ability to control my powers. I had just created a level sixteen whirlwind in the Okeani standardized educational track. Most students my age are level five. My brother was moving to Temeurenua to manage the beetle forges and we were going to have his going away party tomorrow night.  I was almost mad that my parents had invited all the masters to the plaza for the party when they didn’t even arrange a 10th birthday for me. Teddy’s parents had done that.

I rounded a corner into my family estate. I didn’t go to my house, I went to the other side of the property where there was a little shack I called my laboratory, even though I didn’t do any experimentation there, it was just a affectionate term I used for it to keep the majority of my sisters away from it for eleven years. It wasn’t a shack, but compared to the other buildings that housed my family members, it was. It consisted of a bubble shaped room in the center with five other rooms sticking out on the west side and a garden on the east. I walked inside and placed a coin I had found on a trip to Rotoa on a bronze table and inspected it’s engravings. To my surprise they were almost all easy to decipher. This was very odd, apparently it had been lost thousands of years ago and that time span would normally take at least six years to recover from, with the help of daily regenerating potions. At worst it would take this one two weeks. I did what I could, which wasn’t much since nature had already done most of the work, and went to the house to go talk to Teddy about where I was instead of at school today.

I climbed up the stairs to the kitchen which was familiarly empty. Probably because it was a school day so everyone else was gone. I got a glass of milk and some cookies, which yes, was very childish for a thirteen and a half year old, but I really needed a break. I had just summoned my strongest whirlwind yet and had spent all of last night studying for finals. Once I was done I went to my room and slept despite it being the middle of the day.

When I woke up I saw that Teddy had asked me to come to his house four times.

What time was it? If Teddy wants me to come over it must be at least 4pm. I looked at the time and a shock went down my spine. It was already 6pm at night! I sent a quick message that I was coming through the mini port. I grabbed my shoes, put them back on and went down to my laboratory to check on the coin. It was still still there. I went back to my roomleft a note outside my door that said ‘at Teddy’s’ even though I knew that it would go unread. I went back outside and conjured, thinking about all my good times at Teddy’s so that I wouldn’t conjure to another random spot. I opened my eyes, and I was in Ilathina.


Dáso, Ilathina

I  love it here. It is a grassy plain with rock outcrops and sequoia trees that are an average of 1,800 feet tall and 100 feet wide.  The one right in front of me just happened to be Teddy’s house. The people of Ilathina were pretty much landlocked with all the trees and creeks and rocky outcrops. So they built in the trees.  I went inside and saw the Campbells. They looked nervous. Odd, they never were nervous even if there was something going on, they still didn't let there anxiety show through. If they couldn't hold back their emotions, something must be very wrong.

“Hi, Fyn,” said Teddy’s mom.

“Hi,” I replied.  “Everything okay?”

“No, the Master's palace was attacked by NeKuman soldiers and half the royal guard died fighting them.”

I didn't know how to take this. It was awful that the NeKuma had started to rebel against the other realms but, Ilathina’s leader wasn't such a good one and constantly tried to find faults in other realms politics and asked for a full fledged invasion. His most recent accusation had been directed towards the NeKumans who had been resentful of the other realms for centuries. Now the last thing they needed was for them to be aggravated. Eager to change the subject, Teddy broke the silence.

“How about I go catch Fyn up on what happened at school?”

We quickly went upstairs and exchanged notes on the day. Teddy looked really surprised when I told him about the coin.

“Wait, are you telling me that you are hiding an ancient relic even though you're an apprentice!?”

“Well, yeah, that's the problem, I was wondering if you could stow it away for me until I figure out what it does.”

Silence.  They both knew that it was incredibly risky, but if they succeeded it would be well worth it.

“I'm just nervous that Felix will do something to it.”

I had completely forgotten about Teddy’s mountain lion companion.  “He won’t….. I hope. The only reason he would attack is if you tell him to, right?”

“Yeah, you're right” he responded.

We talked for a little longer, and then I went back home.


Tonlakea, Okeani

When I got back home I checked on the coin again, and just when I was about to leave I saw it glowing. I decided to wait considering I had nothing else to do. It’s runes sputtered to life in shades of magenta and turquoise.

It stayed like that for a while. Then its runes started glowing colors of blue green and soft pink. I studied it closer, and then, when I touched it, the coin abruptly changed to a stark white. I went back to my desk and started studying all the information I could on this coin. I learned, according to my text book, that it had been a elemental coin representing water. The rest of the page was filled with scribbles and random words like Fehutvi and Rotoa ce celestu. Like usual, I sadly had know idea what the important words ment. I looked for Fehutvi in all of my books but couldn’t find it anywhere. Well at least I knew what Rotoa ce celestu meant, it meant Rotoa at moonshine. But that didn’t exactly help because it could’ve meant anything, go to Rotoa at night, stay away from Rotoa at night, eat on Rotoa at night.  The possibilities were endless. Just then the coin burst into its previous green, blue and pink but it didn’t stay like that. The pink turned to magenta and the magenta turned to blue. The coin started spinning like crazy and then floated up, stopped in the middle of the air and slammed back down to the table. What in the fadoodlecakes?  There was a knock on my door. I rushed and put a tarp over the table, then opened the door.

“Hi, thewe I was wondewing if you would like to buy some of my cookies, it goes to a chawatible cause.” In front of me stood a little girl with fair skin and straight black hair that was so dark it almost looked blue. Her brown eyes displayed an intensity that seemed to say “if you don’t buy some, I might explode”.

“I’ll be right back.”

I went back inside to find some money.  All I had was a silver talis and three coppers. I walked back to the door and the little girl was standing there patiently beaming.

“How much for two boxes of chunky chocos?”

The girl started counting on her fingers with a very focused expression on her face.

“That would be one silvew talis and two coppews,” she said proudly.

“Also youw table’s moving awound.” She skipped off and as I was about to turn around when I heard:  

“Thanks, thats my sisters first sale of the day!”

I fell down hard on the floor and looked back at the door to see a head jutting out of the top of the doorway. She also had the same blue black hair, freckles, and emerald green eyes. I mocked fake uncertainty as to who she was.

“Do I know you?” I said with unconvincing questioning.

She put on a face of mock surprise and she slowly drifted down from her perch atop my roof. We had this running joke of not knowing who eachother was after the time we first met at a barbeque that her family had held in Udaru.

“How are you squirt?” she asked.

“How many times have I told you not to call my that Joli?” I said with a grin on my face.

She strolled in, took a seat on my favorite chair and started fidgeting with the inner workings of her locket.

“Obviously not enough times for me to consider the thought,” she retorted.

“Anything new in Udaru?” I asked.

“No, my sister won’t stop talking about Ketzo’s going away party, she’s obsessed with him and is sad that she no longer has an excuse to see him unless you go visit him. I keep telling her that he is 19 and she is 6 but I don’t think she has conquered the concept of age quite yet, nor is she wanting to. What about you?”

I thought for a minute, thinking back to what had happened since I saw her last.

“Well I went on a field trip and found a 5,000 year old coin that I probably shouldn’t have kept. I also went to Teddy’s.”

“Wait, you found a 5,000 year old coin on a field trip and didn’t tell a teacher!”

“Well yeah, you know me, I like to find things out myself and so far all I can find about it is that it was lost by an Okeani master on Rotoa, and it has this weird rune called Fehutvi. You’re the smart one, so do you know what it is?” I asked hopefully.  She thought for a minute, no doubt accessing her infinite memory bank.

“I don’t know anything about this Fehutvi you speak of, but I’ll look into it. I should get going, but I’ll see what I can think of, see you tomorrow.” She walked out and toward our port, through the weird sheen, and disappeared. I walked over to the bedroom, and after much tossing and turning in my primitive bed made of straw, I fell asleep.

I was back at the table, the light of the coin turned an array of colors: red, light blue, dark blue, white, black, and green. I reached over to pick up the coin and saw flashes of different places, Temeurenua, Here, Udaru, Kholodas, NeKuma and Ilathina, six of the seven realms. I was back in Rotoa where I found the coin in the temple, the quartz pillars surrounding me and the concentric circles of water holding miniature fish. I looked up to the ceiling where there was a medieval map of Okeani. The vines on the pillars started rustling and out of the corner of my eye I saw a creature walking across the streams. In its wake the streams turned magenta and the fish disappeared.  It was walking toward me and was staring at me with eyes far too intelligent given the rest of my appearance. It was a white four legged mammal, feathers extending from the top of its head. It had blue and gold accents in it’s feathers and eyes. It walked toward me and a resonant voice sounded through the chamber, “come to us and wake us from our slumber”.  The scene disappeared.

I woke up feeling like I was drowning. I closed my eyes and it cleared. I got out of bed and went to check on the coin, it was the same shade of magenta the water was in my dream. I turned the coin over to see that the Fehutvi  was still there, but it had shrunk to the top. Where it had covered the coin, was now the message: “come to us and wake us from our slumber”. The same thing the voice had said in my dream. I thought about the parts of the dream I remembered. I had had flashes of Temeurenua, Okeani, Udaru, Kholodas, NeKuma and Ilathina. Why hadn’t I seen Trianli? I’d have to ask Teddy when I dropped off the coin. He was the smart one. And why had there been a furred dragon? Why does nothing in my life ever make sense!? I took one last glance at the coin, and left to go prepare the plaza for Ketzo’s party.

I got there, and it looked just like a normal party would for something as momentous as a wedding, but that wasn’t enough for my parents.  They needed more for this party. They needed tents and plays and circuses and, and, and. It made me afraid of what they would do if one of my siblings were to get married. Would they rent out Okeani? I was in charge of the animals, which for some reason was a very necessary role. I was glad though, because they were actually pretty fun. Sadly, for this party we only had four guolas and three harkosires. Guolas are kind of weird, though they can speak into your mind and are very intelligent. They are kind of useless though. The other exotic creature native to Okeani was the Harkosire. They had a manta ray’s body but three times bigger. They were navy blue and had neon green markings across their bodies. They had a ten foot long tail as well as two pointed prongs protruding from their heads. The purpose of these three appendages was to generate electricity. If the heards gathered a traveling boat, the boat was doomed. Another interesting thing about harkosires, was that they could actually fly above water. If you were lucky enough to find a tamable harkosire, you could ride one around. The only downside was that while above the water, they couldn’t generate their electricity. I went into their gazebo and they immediately turned to me. The guolas regarded me with their too intelligent eyes I reached down and measured the temperature of the water toak sure that it was acceptable for them

“Lower the temp to the guolas and add three gallons for the harkosires” I commanded the worker.

“Yes, master.”

“Could you like not, maybe?”

My parents needed to feel so important that they paid theemployees to call all the members of my family master. I walked back out just as the guests were arriving. I walked over to the gates with the rest of my family. I stood next to Ketzo’s fianc?, the reason he was moving away. She was  actually decently nice to me, and brought everyone toys and stuff made from beetle glass, the main product of Temurenua. It was a clear metal made from the husk of a glass beetle and combined with sands. It was really light and incredibly hard to break. I had a set of blue armor made from it for sparring at school. When she realized that I was standing next to her she turned and smiled and handed me a little trinket, I looked down and saw that as usual it was beetle glass. It was a little wave carrying a titanium white dolphin. She looked at me and smiled.

“Just a little parting gift.”

“Thanks, its beautiful.”

Sometimes she really acted like the mother that I never had, even though she was only 8 years older than me. I was sad that she was moving out of the house, but if I had learned one thing over the course of my years, it was that everything pleasant in my family came to an end in less than a year.

The guests entered and I immediately separated myself from my family to go find Teddy and Joli. They had already found each other when I got to them. They waved me down and we, out of instinct walked the mile and a half to my house to go talk and mess around.

When we got to my house we didn’t go to the Lab, they went to an outlook on my property and we all looked out across the sea.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Teddy said with a maniacal smile at Joli and me.

“The water is lava” I replied as I pushed Teddy and Joli off the 50 foot cliff. Joli reacted first, she pointed her head down in a dive and at the last second pulled on the metaphorical threads that held the whole universe together. She began plummeting but this time upwards. She flew through the sky above me and suddenly I found myself falling. I created a whirlpool in the sea so I wouldn’t touch the water. Magically my armor was now on me as I hit the ocean floor. I created another tunnel in front of me and closed the one behind me. I ran along the bottom of the ocean floor for a quarter mile until I found a small reef. I started to ascend, climbing up the towers of brilliantly colored coral. Confused schools of fish fell to the ground as I pushed the water away, and with perfect timing I launched myself out of the water just as a whale leaped below me. I jumped off of it’s slippery skin and was finally above the water. As I was soaring, I surveyed what had happened while I was under the sea. Teddy had built a cocoon of tree branches from a long since abandoned tree with a hole in its side.  

Teddy was now trying to strangle Joli with a forest of seaweed right on the water’s surface. As I started to fall she saw me and sent me rushing toward her. Expecting the move, Teddy lashed out at me but I sent the seaweed flying with a wave. Teddy and I had completely forgot about Joli until she sent the wave back at us with her wind and soaked Teddy to the bone. Though I easily deflected it. I climbed into Teddy's vine bridge so that I didn’t have to depend on Joli’s wind as she might slam me down again. I sent a barrage of water over her which I was positive that she wouldn’t be able to survive so I headed back to the shore. I was halfway when there was a WHOOSH and Joli was on top of me with a blob of water levitating above her.

“You’ve lost at your own game, Squirt!”, and she released the water on top of me. I, like Teddy, was now soaked. Surprised that Joli actually made the comeback, I just sat there like a fool. She stood up, confidence radiating around her.

“Oh, come on, it can't be that surprising that I beat you, it's not anything that I haven't done before!” She was right. She did win quite frequently, as much as I hated to admit it.

“Let's go rest up for the party, I want to be fully awake when it gets into full swing.” This would probably be around 2:30 in the morning. Even though there were some things at his family’s parties that were best left unseen, they were still worth partaking in. Pranking heavily drunk people into riding harkosires to the gondola, where you can prank even more drunk people, for example. After hours of sleeping, eating and talking on and off, it was finally 2:30am and time to go back to the party. As we walked back, I remembered the current predicament that I was facing.

“Hey guys, did you find anything out about the Fehutvi thing yet?,” I asked.

“No, there isn’t much to find out it seems. I mean, if there is so little information about it, it either isn’t anything worth finding out about, or we just aren’t supposed to find out about it”, Teddy said.

“Screw it, if we aren’t supposed to find out anything about i?! I found something that noone has discovered for thousands of years, so I’m pretty damn set on solving this little mystery of ours!!” I replied.

Just then, a man with empty white skin and purple eyes came near us. There was something off about how he walked. His eyes flared to that magenta I saw all too often.  Off in the distance the same color flashed through the air. I looked back at my friends just to make sure I wasn’t crazy. They had twin masks of absolute shock on their face as the man stalked away.

“What the heck was that?” I asked, but they only held the masks of shock on their faces as they walked.

“Guys, are you okay?…..guys?”.

I was getting worried, but just when I was going to make us stop walking, they snapped out of it. They looked at each other and passed a look of knowing. I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I had read about this man at school. He was probably a Priest at the Rotoan Temples.

“So am I just crazy or did you see that to?”

“No we saw it, that’s the problem” Joli said

“Why, what was it?”

“Did they teach you about the seven flames at school?” Teddy asked, finishing Jolis thought

I thought back to this semester seven flame...seven flames… I couldn’t remember anything


“Well they are these fires that are created when someone disrupts an Originals tomb. They usually are eccentrically colored flames that spread through realms and kill people but harm nothing else. So if the fire that was just there is what we think it was that means that someone stole something from an Originals tomb.”Teddy explained.

At least I knew what an Original was. They were the first humans to inherit the powers that some had today. They were also the first to discover that the realm  that they lived in was in fact not the only one and that there, at the time had been 8 others. They had met up in the Realm that had been Kentosto and created a pact That ensured the survival of some religion and then together destroyed Kentosto so that no one could undo what they had done. They then went back to their individual realms and governed the realms with a benevolent hand. We are there descendants but no one knows anything else about the early world.

We arrived at the party and as guaranteed was insanely crazy. Some people were making weird noises in a corner while painting pictures of gooey eyeballs on eachothers backs while other people were throwing each other around and making weird sculptures with their powers then there was my family. They were standing in a gazebo with their mulled wine and hard amber fruit cider. Not a single one of them appeared to be drunk and they were still talking like civilized people. Darn it it still wasn’t in its craziest stages. Oh well that was ok they were here and that was that. We made our way to my family so that we could go talk to Daila, my brothers fiancé. She was a level 20 cultural instructor at the Ignyi Institute of history. So she might know a little something more about the Originals and what was happening when we did. I shoved my way through the crowds losing my friends 10 in the process. We finally made it to her.

“FYN!!! HII!!!!!” She yelled at the top of her lungs at me. Correction there was someone in this gazebo that was drunk. She seemed really happy to see me, but it was bad that she was drunk because then she wouldn’t make any sense and tomorrow she left for Temeurenua.

“Hey Daila,” I responded


This was going to be a little tough to talk to we would figure it out though.  

“Ok Daila, can you step outside with me for a minute?” I asked


She started half running half zombie walking over to the one of the exits. We met outside at the base of the tower. We tried to calm her down but not much was working we escorted her over to the base of the Masters Tower.

“Ok, Daila caaaalmm down” Teddy said really quietly trying to be soothing. Just as he did a squadron of Kothi walked by. They glanced at the with their blue cameras and kept moving. I didn’t like them. Not because he was a trouble maker and didn’t want to be caught just that they were creepy. The are law enforcers that were issued by the Council. They are completely made of a special type of beetle glass that no one but a select few knew how to make. But the part about them that the didn’t like about them waas that their heads and hands were discs. If they saw any illegal actions they would shoot those discs at the criminal and be tazed by them while simultaneously having your information put into a criminal database. Then they would generate a new ‘hand’ . they could also throw their head which was really odd. So they are just generally intimidating. I walked over to Joli because she is always the one that knows how to deal with drunk people situations as her brothers were often such.

“Do you know how to make Daila less crazy?”  I whisper asked her.

“Yeah there’s this tonic that i usually ask people in this situation to drink, it calms them down most of the time.” she responded “But we will need some ingredients because I don’t have any on me, but we can just snatch it from Master Tsell.”


“Do we have to get in the Tower?” I asked

“Yeeaaahhhh….. that’s the problem” Teddy responded

The Master’s palace was the highest security facility in Okeani, as it well should be every hallway had a squadron of Kothi patrolling it.

“Could we wait until the morning when Joli can get the special juice?”

“I was thinking about that too but she leaves tomorrow and none of us can afford any other sick or personal days to spend.”  Joli said

She was right we all had 17 personal days since the beginning of school 3 months ago. I looked up at the tower it was quite intimidating. I could vaguely see the suite at the top. The deck railing glinted in the moonlight. It would be nearly impossible to get up there, unless………

“Hey, Joli how long can you propel say 2 people” I asked her

“Fyn, no, I am not flying you or Teddy up there.”

“I think that would work. You can do it in spurts. When you get tired I can grow the abalone to make a perch for you to rest. But we will also need Fyn because he has favor with the Master if we get caught because of his parents.” Teddy said

“Ok Daila stay here, we’ll be right back, ready Joli?” I asked

She took a long pause and then said

“I’ll do it in one go. I learned something new at school yesterday, you don’t need to waste your energy too Teddy.” She said.

She gestured me to come over and put my arms around her chest. This was awkward. I felt her body tense and all the sudden we were flying. If this was what it felt like every time she flew I understand why she did it so often. It felt like I could do whatever I wanted to. I had just conquered the world. We reached the top and as soon as we got over the fence Joli collapsed. She tried to pull herself back up but I stopped her by putting on her arm. She did this way to often. If she was exhausted she would try to stay strong and wouldn’t give herself space to be tired.

“You now you are aloud to be tired right.”

She looked up at me with that sad puppy look that everyone has.

“Thanks Fyn.”

“I’m gonna go get the ingredients, you stay here and rest.”

I walked around the porch looking for an entrance and I finally found a panel of the golden globe that was a kind of hidden door. I opened it and went down a well lit and beautiful hall with golden railings and computer generated views from all the other Masters palaces throughout the realms. I reached the bottom of the hall. I poked my head and checked both ways to see if there are guards. Sure enough there where, on the right there was a group of about 6 Kothi marching in my direction. I closed my eyes and searched for a water source. It seemed that they were just leaving a room with a water garden in it. Those anemones wouldn’t be happy. He built the pressure in the tank to the point where the glass would crack he heard it from across the room and saw the water creep

under the door. The Kothi Turned around and opened the door. They went inside to check it out and I bolted I knew that they saw me, how wouldn’t they have. I turned a corner. This is where it got tricky. I had no idea where I was going. I only knew how to get to Master Tsell’s office from ground level and so this was a whole new experience for me. I guessed my way around the place turning corners whenever I felt like it was the right time to do so. I realized that the Kothi hadn’t caught me yet. Weird. Dismissing the thought of the Kothi’ that were supposedly chasing me. I turned another corner. This hallway was pure gold though. I turned into the doorway and stopped, turned around locked the door and Surveyed the room. It was marble floors and intricately painted walls depicting the ancient oceans of Okeani, little fish swimming around with megalodons and hippocampi eating those fish while the Harkosires attempted to kill the megalodons. I love nature. I snuck to his desk opened the cabinet and realized


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