Ghost of War

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This is a story that I just went straight out and wrote without any planning, I was very happy with the result overall.

Submitted: November 21, 2013

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Submitted: November 21, 2013




My eyes opened. They felt dry and were lacking the air they needed. I had been underground for two weeks and I had no way of telling what it was like up there... On the surface. Above this living hell the government called safety. No one knew what to expect when we were granted freedom, and by ‘we’ I mean all four of us. Before this whole event occurred we were all members of the NHS. I was the main doctor in the hospital of Gateshead, I didn’t know who anyone else was, we all had to make a promise to keep quiet in case the enemy heard us. Not that they would need to hear us. The year is 2045, and we are living at a time of a post-nuclear war. The world around us collapsed. A cloud of hysteria rained down on the ticking time bomb called Planet Earth, and nuclear missiles were fired from all countries. I was only a doctor whose name was picked out of a hat because I was ‘one of the best’ and I was put in this bunker. No information was given. I can remember seeing six men in black suits repeating the words ‘This is for your own safety’; I think they must have made me unconscious as that is all I remember. No one down here knew what had caused this war, all we knew was that it was more serious than anything Planet Earth had experienced before.

Another week had passed, and it was time. I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare myself for what lied ahead. I didn’t know what was up there. I had a cold sweat, and had lost my nerve. Fear struck me like a new feeling I had never experienced, adrenaline was rushing through my body like a pack of wolves hunting down their prey. I then realised that I was the prey. I was the prey to this spontaneous war that was hunting down the Human Race, with no sympathy; the missiles would hunt down and kill everyone. Except for us. We had escaped, but we were still prey to whatever lies ahead. The Human Race feels empowered over Planet Earth, when in actually fact, we are only prey. We are constantly being stalked, and watched by our hunters, and we are just waiting to die, just like the cattle we think so little of. We will always scream ‘they are too young to do’ but in the end are we all too young to die?

A light was shining through a small illuminated door in the ceiling to this living hell. I could taste the fresh air that lurked outside. My eyes started to blur out and I couldn’t focus on what was going on. A group of out of focus figures were walking towards what seemed to be the door that would lead me to freedom. I didn’t know what this freedom would be, a wasteland, and desolate pile of rubble, it was a mystery. As my eyes began to regain focus I looked towards the light and a dusty orange fog floated into the bunker. We began to leave. One by one we escaped. Freedom soothed my troubled mind. A new world lay ahead. With a new era and a fresh start I stepped outside.

My eyes were greeted with a collapsed city I once called home. A sense of anger and hatred struck me like a thousand bullets. The missiles had no mercy. They had destroyed everything, only ruins and a dusty environment remained. I could not come to terms with the reality I was faced with, it all seemed like one never ending nightmare that would end up killing me in my sleep. My thought process on what to do was simple;

  • Survive
  • Find other survivors
  • Start a new civilization

I had no idea how difficult this would be, but if it’s crazy enough that I could do it, then I have no reason to be defeatist and not try.

Looking out onto the desolate land once called London, my eyes began to clear up, and I noticed that the houses of parliament was a pile of rubble and is now only a memory, such as the rest of this city. No one knew this would happen; 2045, the year of the Armageddon. I could almost taste the fear and terror that occurred during the time when the missiles struck, but on the contrary, I could sense the stress and anger that was presented in a time long before this hysteria and war had started. Was this a chance for the Human Race to start again?


Dear Diary, The year is 2042, and it is my first day of working in this hospital. I can still feel the adrenaline I received when I was running around giving a helping hand where ever I could. My supervisor has said he has high hopes for me. This gave me the motivation I needed to go forward with something instead of giving up before I have even started.

There are still threats coming through from Germany, but I have turned a blind eye to it all, I doubt anything will happen, and there is nothing I can do if anything does happen. I’m only a junior doctor working in a hospital. There is still a sense of fear that lies in the back of my head though, I feel as though my entire life will get destroyed because one country does not like the position they are in. It’s unfair on us, and also I...


I had just found my diary in my pocket, and I turned behind to see one of the other doctors chuckle and say “I doubt anything will happen? Well, I bet you weren’t expecting this”. I wasn’t too sure if I liked this man, he seemed a bit obnoxious and seemed to have no sympathy for anyone’s situation, on the other hand though, he is good with words and gives motivational words. He can also be good for a laugh if you’re feeling down, which was good considering the situation we were in. He then slowly walked back into the bunker to collect his last few things.

Stepping out into the new world, I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility. This was more than being a leading doctor in a hospital. This was being Mankind’s only hope.  I knew the first thing we needed to do as a group was concentrate on making or find a shelter, and get a secure water supply. This was being slightly ambitious, but I was feeling confident. This entire world had everything, and now it has nothing. I could make a change in this world. I could....

“Who the hell are you? This is my territory!” A towering soldier-like man screamed at us. I could see by his threatening posture that he was not happy. He slowly walked towards me and he had some sort of hand-made weapon in his hand. It seemed to the leg of a wooden chair, with a few nails stuck in. “You’re just like me, we both survived this for a reason, we can help each other, we can start a civilization we want. Start again, and do a better job of the Earth that once was.” I suggested to the man. His face wrinkled and the cracks in his skin became clear, this man had war scars like no other. He had clearly experienced a lot in his time. His face wrinkled even more but then...BANG! A young woman had shot him in the back of the head with a small handgun. The blood caused a waterfall of red liquid to crawl down what was left of his wrinkled face. The woman said “I like your idea”. She smiled at me, but it was a slightly threatening smile as if she was ordering me to help her.

Then I realised, this was it, the start of a new time. The fear of a new era in one country has dawned a new era worldwide. We would be going to a primal state unless we can ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. A famous poster that was born in the Second World War because of German bombings is the very poster that would save the Human Race one hundred years ahead, due to Germany sending nuclear missiles across the world, triggering World War Three. It did not last long, the nuclear missiles had disabled many countries within the first week causing worldwide hysteria, and mass annihilation of Mankind, leave what’s left of us to pick up the pieces and start again. It was up to us to go through all the stages mankind has gone through over thousands of years, in a few weeks. It felt impossible, but that was the kind of motivation I needed.

Planet Earth will rise again, as a new planet, and whatever this world encounters, everyone will work together to solve it. We were the Ghosts of War, and we survived, but not only did we survive, we lived.

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