Inheritance (Unfinished)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young man has been inherited a peaceful house in the woods, but when past demons come back to haunt him will he uncover what secrets the house holds?



It has been a few days. The once emerald leaves have turned into a threatening burgundy. As I sat I gazed as the leaves fell from her, well, what’s left of her. Her ashes were settled on her favourite spot, directly under the oak tree of her childhood. The birthplace of her imagination has turned into the resting ground of her ashes. The ashes of a memory were dancing in the wind; I needed to contend from showing my emotion in such a public position. I felt vulnerable. I felt lost. I felt alone.
It was a slow drive home, in her will I had inherited her second home. She had a special place she tended to visit in times of despair, and I had the keys. Many thoughts were racing through my head, the moment or realisation had struck me. She was gone. I was constantly reminding myself that she will always be in my heart, but this didn't seem to help.

On my journey home what was once discarded is now cherished. The aging tarmac I was driving on, the sentinel that stood proud in the field with its living fabric swaying from left to right and back again all seemed to have a greater value to me.

I knew I was slowly approaching home because my surroundings became more recognisable. Within a blink of an eye I was in the familiar town of Marske. My home was just around the corner. As I was approaching my house I saw light, crimson flames were battling the night sky, a flume of smoke grasped the air and I lost sight of the road ahead. In a diabolic panic I stopped the car. The scarlet lights that topped the fire engine were flashing, I knew what had happened. My house was on fire. I had a rushing impulse to save my belongings but I already knew that it was too late. The fire-fighters tried their best but the fire was already out of control. My home was destroyed.

Forty minutes had passed and the fire was dead. From what the fire-fighters could gather, they believe the cause of the fire was a minor gas leak that caught the attention of a candle I had lit in memory of 'her'. They offered to give me a place to stay, but I knew exactly where I could go in this time of despair. The second home that belonged to my greatest memory. I knew that her safe haven would comfort me in my time of need. With only the clothes on my back and the keys to an unfamiliar house I began my journey. From the address I could see that the house was situated deep inside a forestry of oak trees. For me this was no surprise. Her love for nature astounded me; nature always seemed to be inside her heart.

Driving down a desolate road I felt a sudden chill, like icy spider legs crawling down the spine. A sharp look left blossomed a sudden panic throughout my body. In the reflection of the car window I saw a strangely familiar mist that seemed to cloud my face as though I was smoking. As the mist faded I saw her face. I felt a mystical notion within my veins that threw me off direction. Returning to concentrate on the road ahead I noticed a log cabin. Despite my love for her I felt like this area was synonymous with evil. 

"Was this a reason for her passing?" I gently asked myself. With an impulse to refrain from finding out the answer I swiftly bypassed the question. As I stared in awe at the mysterious log cabin I began to have certain memories of a time when she was still among us.


"I can't see you tonight; I'm sorry, maybe another time?" I murmured down the phone with a slight sense of relief. 
"Ok, but what if there isn't another time? You can't keep letting me down like this; you know how much you mean to me. You're the moonlight of my life every single night, so how do you think I feel when you 'can't'?" The tone in her voice made my heart feel cold, I felt like she had forced me into nothing...but that's what I deserved. Before I had chance to reply she hung up. She was like a loaded gun; I lived in fear of the day when she would shoot me without warning.


It wasn't long after that before the "incident" occurred. I was in an uneasy state of mind, with regret and fear running up and down my tiresome body I collapsed. I wasn't unconscious, I was just sat there, and I felt paralyzed. My troubled past had unearthed itself and it wasn't planning on leaving. As I stared into an abyss out of my car window I saw movement. Deep inside the forest I saw a mystic blur drift in and out of the trees as though it was trying to get away from something. A violent thud struck the back of my car and an extreme neck movement caused a staggering pain in my head. As I sat upright I could not see clearly but what seemed like a small child was stood there. As my eyes began to focus I noticed that it was a young girl, she looked about 12 years old and was staring directly through me. Her eyes seemed empty and I felt as though she was burning a hole through my heart making my blood turn cold. As I looked beyond her, I realised she had an observer. Someone or something else was out there. A shady sentinel was slowly approaching the young girl, I signalled her to get inside of the car by shouting out of the window. She simply replied with “He’s here” followed by an almost satanic smile. In an icy panic I sped off and didn’t give a second thought on looking back. 

Just around the corner was the log cabin. Its mysterious existence gave me the urge to explore. As I slowed the car to park I quickly looked behind me to see if either of the young girl or the figure was stood but neither was there, so I stepped out of my car. I reached for the key in my pocket and I noticed a rustic chain-linked sign chattering in the chilling breeze. The sign read “Don’t mess with what you don’t fully understand”. Despite feeling as though I should not enter the house, I had nowhere else to go so I inserted the key and entered. The door slowly creaked open as I gently pushed against it. As I stepped inside I felt as though I was unwanted, an instant cry for help emerged from beneath my skin as I gained goose bumps. Paranoia arose and I knew I was being watched, but I didn't know what by. The time was 9:30 pm, and I still had a full night ahead of me, I knew already that I wouldn't be sleeping. An uneasy atmosphere settled throughout the house as I stepped further inside.


To my left stood a powerful grandfather clock that was coated with a threatening burgundy. The hands were slowly walking around the clock face with pride. The face of the clock seemed to be looking through me as though someone or something else was present. I was in a constant state of war with my paranoid mind, one side of my mind was in denial with the ‘things’ I saw in the forest, and the other side of my mind was strengthening my thoughts on having faith in my eyes. Slowly looking to my left I saw a candle. Unbeknownst to me it had been lit, and unless she had lit it before the ‘incident’ then this occurrence was rather odd because my house had just been gone up in flames due to a candle that had been lit in memory of her and now there was a candle. Lit. I was wondering if the candle lighting was due to the ‘Uninvited’ she spoke of before her passing.

The ‘Uninvited’ was a common theme in her mind, this was obvious, no matter what circumstance the ‘Uninvited’ always seemed to be relatable, and always had a mysterious personality, if that would be the right term to use. She described them as an unwanted connection, something that linked everything together but in the worst possible way. Before her passing she fell in love with a man named Michael, he was always around her and I knew he was her preference. As time went on he got involved in strong forms of illegality, and he ended up with a bullet through his brain. It happened on the coast of Saltburn at around 3:00 am, his involvement in illegal drugs made him turn to desperate measures and he owed money, a lot of money. From what we know he was in £20,000 of debt, he only chose not to tell us and struggled to survive alone. From what the police knew, there was a group of six men and each of them possessed a gun. They all shot him; it was thought to have occurred like some sort of firing squad. He turned himself into a fading memory. Later that year, the ‘Uninvited’ linked it all together with her passing. Her voice screamed in pain as the end of her times began to dawn.

A simultaneous fog drifted past my face with an elegant sense of protection, but this soon vanished as the candle went out. The darkness settled on almost every corner of the room and my skin was crawling with goose bumps as the front door gently closed. Confusion struck me as there was no draft or breeze, yet the door still closed, with a fearsome state of mind I further entered the house. Trailing into the main living area I noticed a large painting to the right, its fragrant colours were booming in shadows of the dimly lit room and made me feel protected. As I drifted my eyes in front of me I saw a panoramic window. Due to the darkness outside, anyone or anything could see inside, this gave me a strange feeling that the house wanted me to be noticed, even though I knew a simultaneous object could not have any feelings or wishes, this feeling still managed to run strong in my veins. As I stared outside, the darkness stared back but with more intensity. A heavy fog coated the forest floor like a blanket blowing in the wind. The mystic moonlit sky was empowering and I felt as though I was nothing. As I looked further into the night sky, shimmering stars were winking at me with the darkest smile causing a new sensation of fear deep inside my head. I began to drift away into the state of a daydream and I was beginning to lose myself in my own thoughts, choking on the times that could have been. A darkened state of mind began to craft my body into a tiresome state and I fell to pieces. Collapsing on the floor I could not come around...

I woke. The time was 11:30 pm; my eyes were gently pleasured with a soft light coming from a candle that was hiding in the far corner of the room. The flame was swaying left and right with a blossoming stare. In the shadiest corner of my eye I saw a figure. A tall slender-like ‘thing’ was stood. The shadow seemed to be heavier than the first time I saw it, and it was inside the house, stood in the doorway. In a confused state of panic I began to look around for the young girl I saw in the forest, but there was no sign of her. I began to question her existence, and I began to debate whether this entire happening was a reality. As I turned to look back at the slender-like figure he was closer, but the closer he got the less focused he became, this added a sense of mystery to his figure as though something was to be protected or hidden from me. I felt a heavy breath dawn on the back of neck and within the second I turned around, the slender-like figure had gone, and a note gently parachuted to the old oak floor. The note read ‘Tranquillity erupts as the Uninvited are welcomed into this manipulated memory of a girl once befriended’. I felt great power in the note that had been left and I knew this was a threat as my hands were stained with dry blood, which I could only assume was relative to the cause of her passing, something that made my blood run cold as this meant that the ‘Uninvited’ knew of my involvement with her. Looking for a source of running water to wash my hands stained with blood I noticed the blood began to run like it was fresh from someone’s body. In an attempt to shake my hands clean the blood appeared to become a dark red fog that simply drifted upwards as though something was pulling it away.

Slowly turning around I saw a window, as I peered out into the unknown my mind began to fall astray. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was the woman of my dreams but in my pathetic attempt to catch her I let her slip out of my weak grip as I fell flat on my back. I knew she was too good for me, she was a work of art and for some reason she was falling for a mess. Me. I know now that it’s better to regret something you have done that to regret something you haven’t, I just wasn’t strong enough to catch her fall. That was the reason she went over the edge. It got too much for her and she found it too hard to keep control, and that was when the ‘incident’ occurred. 

Submitted: October 05, 2013

© Copyright 2021 GR33ND4YRULE. All rights reserved.

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