a nightmare all too real !

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moment of awakening...what is an nightmare..read it and understand !

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




A Nightmare All Too Real



the moment of the awakening

came hard and fast, 

in the middle of the war

was where i woke up 

at last.

caught in preparations

of the coming invasion,

whose side i was on

drawn for me

before i was even born.

we gathered all the soldiers

into their places where

weapons and the necessary gear

was distributed with great care.

knowing the why and where 

of everything happening there

escaped from my knowledge,

if you were there it was assumed

you were meant to be there.

falling down into a dark nest,

huddled together and waiting

would not be until moonrise

before the battle would begin.

i tried to focus my eyes,

as i heard the enemy's

approaching steps.

used a vision i'd never had before

to see a few of them -

dark lords of night as we were

bred of the same root

but of a different lineage.

as the time drew nearer,

the blood begain to explode

within each vessel,

a volcano of determination

to kill or be killed.

the feeling swelled inside me,

filling up every part of  my being

to the point where an expelling

became the inevitable.

she looked at me quite fiercely,

nodding for me to follow close by,

faster than ever i'd remembered, 

my feet catapulted me to her side

as we surveyed the terrain

and the guarded revelry

of night creatures celebrating

the inevitable clashing.

before my eyes could open,

a movement began,

and i saw myself commanding

the arrangement

of the seige waiting 

for its genesis.

with a quiet force of will

sent from the glimmer 

of a night-visioned eye,

propulsion sent my body flying

into the dark's arms.

and in this motion 

i awoke,

heart pounding

body overheated and alarmed,

setting me erect on the edge 

of my bed in bewildering 

amazement at 

the dream that fogged my senses

and was all too real to absolve.


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