Apartment 3A

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Louise takes one last look around her apartment, remembering the good times before the bad times rolled in.

Submitted: September 12, 2014

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Submitted: September 12, 2014



Apartment 3A

Louise looked around her empty apartment.  Well technically it was no longer her apartment.  She just couldn’t stay here; although she had many fond memories of this place she just couldn’t stay here anymore.  One last look, that’s what she told herself.  She glanced around and her gaze fell on the doorway to the kitchen, there were lines with dates next to them.  Louise smiled and thought back to that time.

12th of October 1996

“Mummy now please.”

Louise looked down at her four year old son Eddie who was jumping enthusiastically while holding a marker pen in his left hand.

“Mummy’s busy right now Ed, maybe later huh?”

Eddie stopped jumping up and down on the spot.  He looked really upset and if there’s one thing Louise cannot stand it’s seeing her little boy upset.  Louise knelt down and took the marker pen from Eddie.

“Come on; let’s see how much you’ve grown.  Although I warn you it’s only been a day since we last measured you.”

Eddie perked up and immediately began his non-stop enthusiastic jumping which made Louise laugh.  Eddie had always been an energetic child, always running around.  It’s a shame they didn’t have a garden of their own for him to play in, instead he was confined to the apartment.  This meant Eddie tended to smash a lot of breakables around the apartment, but he was a good boy and he always apologised.  He didn’t give Louise or her husband much trouble, not on purpose anyway.  She smiled at him leaning against the door frame still jumping up and down from excitement.  His happiness was infectious and Louise could feel the grin on her face.  She knelt down in front of her son and drew a little above the one she drew yesterday.

“Mummy when the new baby comes can we measure it too?”

“Yes of course we can.  My, my you have grown.”

Eddie’s face lit up and he stood next to her to admire his growth with pride.

Louise brushed her hand against the door frame.  She missed those times, the times when her problems would just disappear when her son smiled at her.  Now her problems were smothering her, and honestly she was finding it hard to breathe.  That’s why she couldn’t stay.  She turned to the living room and looked at the space where she used read books and play games, but now it just felt gloomy.  She looked up at the flickering light and smiled remembering how it brought two people together.

18th of June 1990

The light was still flickering and it was beginning to irritate Louise who was attempting to finish her book.  The new bulb just sat on the coffee table in front of her taunting her with its ability to allow her to read in peace.  Louise made the decision to change the light bulb despite the fact that her boyfriend Paul had insisted he would do when he had the time.  But it was driving Louise mad and she had to do something about it.  Half an hour and finished book later Paul flopped down on the couch beside her letting out a big sigh.

“Good day?” she asked sarcastically.

Paul turned and gave her a look that said ‘I don’t have time for your sarcasm’ at which Louise chuckled.  His attention was then caught by the flickering light, or lack of flickering light.

“You fixed the light?” he questioned.

“Well, yeah it wasn’t that difficult, it was only changing a light bulb Paul.” She replied.

“Yes but I promised I would do it. It was my job.  And you didn’t even nag at me you just did it yourself, you’re amazing.”

Louise could feel herself start to blush and looked over to find Paul deep in thought.  He then did something completely unexpected, he got down on one knee.

“My dad told me if I ever found the right woman, one moment would tell me it she was the right one for me.  This was that moment Lou.  I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  This was kind of spontaneous so I don’t have a ring but will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

“Yes. Yes.  Definitely yes.” Louise answered without hesitation.

Louise laughed.  It’s amazing what changing a light bulb can lead to.  To her it hadn’t mattered that he hadn’t planned it and it hadn’t matter that he didn’t have a ring.  All that had mattered was that they were together and that in that moment he had known they were meant to be.

Louise walked over to one of the bedrooms.  It was a light blue colour since they had been expecting another boy.  Instead they greeted a little girl into the world whose favourite colour needed up being blue.  Louise looked and the purple stain in the middle of the cream carpet.

24th July 2011

Louise could hear the sobs through the door and just wanted to protect her daughter from the world.  The girl had run into the apartment  with tears streaming down her cheeks and locked herself in her room.  It was unlike Molly, she wasn’t afraid to socialise with her family unlike other fifteen year old girls.

“Molly, please let me in.”

“No. Go away.” Molly replied still crying.

Louise could hear the hurt in her daughter’s voice and that hurt Louise.  Molly’s sobs soon became quiet and the door to her room unlocked.  Louise found her daughter sitting on her bed hugging her favourite teddy with tears running down her face.  Louise instantly sat down and engulfed her daughter in a hug.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Louise asked her daughter who was still sniffing away.

“Mum, am I ugly?” Molly asked her.

Louise was a little taken aback by the question.  Her daughter had beautiful blonde hair which fell in princess curls, red rosy cheeks, bright green eyes and a lovely smile.  How could she ever think she was ugly?

“Of course not sweetie, why would you ask that?”

Molly looked down at her lap and Louise could tell she was embarrassed about something.  Then she realised, her daughter was fifteen, she was maturing and had probably just received her first heart break.

“Who is he Molly?” Louise asked.

“How did you know this was about someone?” Molly asked suspiciously

“A mother always knows, so who is he?”

“That’s the thing mum.” Molly explained while Louise looked confused. “It’s not a he, it’s a she.”

Louise was definitely shocked and had to let that revelation sink in.  Molly was gay, but that didn’t bother Louise.  If girls were going to make her daughter happy then she was fine with that.  The fact that her daughter trusted her enough to tell her something like that made Louise smile.

“Mum, why are you smiling?”

“Because you’ve found yourself.  It doesn’t matter to me who you like as long as they make you happy.”

After their talk they resolved to spending the afternoon talking and painting each other’s nails.  Unfortunately Molly was naturally clumsy and split purple nail varnish all over the cream carpet, but they were happy so it wasn’t a problem.

Louise walked out of the room with tears in her eyes, there were just too many memories in this apartment.  Too many thoughts of her family.  The car had come out of nowhere and although Louise only injured her arm the rest of her family weren’t so lucky.  Eddie who was twenty one was pronounced dead on the scene.  Paul who lived to the age of fifty died in A&E.  Molly who was almost eighteen was a fighter, but it wasn’t enough and she passed away during surgery.  Louise couldn’t stay in the apartment, it wasn’t her home without her family.  In fact Louise doubted she would ever feel at home again. And with that Louise wiped her tears away, put on a brave face and walked out of apartment 3A.

© Copyright 2018 Grace Lynch. All rights reserved.

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