Embrace growth and change in your life

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This article aims to motivate people on how they should be bold enough to embrace change as a sign of growth in their lives

Submitted: May 18, 2015

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Submitted: May 18, 2015



Embrace change and growth in your life.

By Grace Nthebe

Change is attainable. Change is not impossible. Prove to yourself that tomorrow you can be a better person than you are today. The only way you will succeed is by changing those negatives in your life to positives and also altering those positives in such a way that they lead to your growth.

As humans we have been created in such a way that in order for us to survive we have to go through certain changes. When you are a child you behave like a child. When you are a teen you behave like a teen and finally when you are an adult you are ought to behave like an adult.  However, you will find it that some people refuse to grow up, in other words they want to stay stagnant. Here is the thing, being stagnant does not necessarily mean that it should literally show that you are standing at one place. Stagnance, could refer to lacking development in your personal life, finances, family, occupation, relationship(s) and education for example.  Being stagnant in life can be seen as a sign of weakness because when you are stuck at one thing the whole time, you cannot measure the change, growth and success in your life.

Change can occur at anytime, but consistency is important because it is the key that measures change. It is quite unfortunate that we often relapse and go back to our old ways the second we realize that we actually set goals that are too high for our abilities. A person can decide to stop wearing Edgars clothes and start wearing Louis Vuitton clothes. However, a few months down the line, he is back to Edgars clothes- because he was unable to maintain that status that he has created, by himself. No one forces you to do something. You do it strictly voluntarily. Even if a person persuades or convinces you to do something, you are the one that makes the final decision.

 What I am saying is simple:”Do not start change that you will not be able to sustain”. One of the reasons why most people lose their motivation and drive in life is because they set goals that are above their abilities and break down once they fail at what they are trying to achieve. The truth is that life is about growth and experiences. Life is not like hop scotch where you can skip a few blocks and win the game. It takes baby steps and change in order to make it.

You can achieve positive change, growth and prosperity your life only if you want to. You do not necessarily need to start your life “on a clean slate”. Sometimes you need to eliminate something so you can prosper, at other times not. The only way you can live is by growing and growth is measured by change. However, you can only change by learning and the key to learning is through exposure. Consequently, exposure is gained by seizing opportunities that can add value to your life.

Refuse to conform and adapt to stagnancy. Do not be the prisoner of your past; instead be the product of your past!


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