Ocean blue

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Submitted: July 26, 2019

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Submitted: July 26, 2019



That first day.


The ocean in front of us matching the blue of your eyes.


Your fingers on my skin. They seemed to tell a story that I craved. A story that I wanted to memorize word for word. Every full stop and comma and every curve of every letter.


And when your lips met mine, I swear that was the moment that I truly started living.


And in the months that followed, I lost myself in your beautiful chaos. Drowning in the tide of emotions that you created inside of me. Losing pieces of myself, to you, that I had vowed never to lose so soon.




Blind to the knowledge that by giving everything of myself to you, I had nothing left for me.


Blind to the knowledge that perhaps the tears that escaped your eyes when you told me you loved me, were not tears of happiness or sincerity. But perhaps, tears of sadness at the knowledge that we were destroying each other, but neither of us knew how to stop.




I was no longer blind anymore, and in an attempt to regain the pieces of myself that I had given to you, I ended up even more broken.


And now I sit and examine my scars left by the pain of the memories I shared with you.

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