40 facts of peacocks

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facts about peacocks and how they live

Hi it's grace11 and I really hope you like this research book. I worked really hard finding 10 different facts oh and please messsage me on here and tell me what you think. Ok I better tell you some facts before I bore you.

1.The scientific name for the peacock is pavo cristatus

2.The peacocks tail makes 60% of it's body length

3.Only male peacocks have tail feathers

4.peacocks can fly

5.Peacocks are one of largest flying birds

6.Their normal wingspan  is 4.6-5 feet

7.What they eat-berries,seeds,leaves,insects,small mamals and reptiles

8.They are the worlds loudest birds

9.There main preditors are tigers,leopards and the mongoose

10.Their main life span is 20 years

I really hope you guys liked these 10 interesting things about peacocks, until next time Bye

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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