Impossible Voice

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This is about another very close friend. It makes me quite sad to write it, having to face up to how different things are etc. But I'm glad I did, hope you enjoy :)

Submitted: February 19, 2011

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Submitted: February 19, 2011



Look at her face, fresh as a flower,
kept us all laughing for hours and hours,
listen to her, she just tries to be kind
and destroy the sad stories she's hiding behind.

Look at her face, guilty and blushing,
all that sweet innocence slowly starts rusting,
listen to her, did she think it was fine
to abuse her allure and start crossing that line?

Look at her face, war paint at the ready,
suddenly looks like they're both going steady
listen to her as she loses her track
of the boys she chewed up, spat out and sent back.

Now look at her face, all void of expression,
smiling only to attract some attention
listen to her, as if you had the choice,
to that screaming, despairing, impossible voice.

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